Monthly Favorites: February 2016

Obviously I've been in a bit of a blogging rut lately. I've considered doing this before, but I'm thinking of doing a monthly wrap-up of things I've enjoyed throughout the month. Here's what grabbed me in February 2016.

Hank Green lost his dog, 
and made a beautiful video that definitely made me cry.

Stuff Mom Never Told You's #FreeKesha Cocktail Video

I am not a Kesha fan. But I'm also not a fan of emotional or sexual abuse, or forcing someone into a potentially dangerous situation "just in case" I don't know the full story. And I'm sick of hearing about how careful we have to be about lying women and protecting men's reputation. Yes, there have been women who I questioned or even blamed when they brought up abuse stories. I'm not proud of it- but I also don't believe EVERYTHING I hear just because someone with a vagina told me. HOWEVER. This situation isn't a "Who do I believe?" situation. This is a, "Am I willing to risk a woman's mental, emotional, and physical safety and health for a man's reputation and money?" America has said yes, and that pisses me the fuck off.

I thought this article was really interesting. This is something I've noticed a lot lately- it seems like the people who have the least in life, or who have been poor, are the most comfortable with spending money and trying to help others. Those who are used to being comfortable want to stay comfortable, and definitely seem to view poverty as a choice or something someone deserves.

What have you enjoyed reading or watching this past month?

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  1. That bothers me about the Kesha situation as well. Obviously no one except the two of them know the "real story," but the only thing that anyone gains on forcing her to stay in her contract is money. It's a sad world.