Do Rereads Count?

Since pushing my blog towards a more bookish focus, I've been paying more interest to other book bloggers or BookTubers. And one thing I've noticed in a lot of Wrap-Up videos (where people list the books they've read in the past month/week/etc) is that many people count rereads in their count.

I have never counted rereads when counting how many books I've read in a certain amount of time. What I typically do is finish a book, hopefully remember to add it to Goodreads, and then leave it lying around the house. Before I was preggo, I would reread books lots of time in the bathtub. My husband thinks this is super weird, but it was my relaxing time.

And I didn't like to do it with a new book or library book, because then I'd risk getting water spots on it. I know, a good bibliophile wouldn't treat any books like this...but I do.


My point is that I do have a lot of rereads, but I don't typically count them in a wrap-up after the first time. It feels like cheating. 

But...I think I am about to do it for the first time this month. Mainly because I reread Allegiant and that book is over 500 pages, so it did take some time even though it's a relatively easy book. Although I did feel guilty when I thought about doing that, so I managed to read 2 more books based on embarrassment and also the desire to meet my monthly goal (2.5 books a month to meet a yearly goal of 30).

So my question is- do rereads count? 

Am I just being weird and too strict here? Or do you see my point that once a book is read, it isn't new anymore? Still good, still worth rereading, but not adding to a goal.

Maybe it's the goal aspect of my reading that affects this. Maybe others just read without having that definitive idea of "new" (new to me, of course, old books are sometimes the best books).

Help me out here. 
What do you think?


  1. I should preface this by saying that I set an arbitrary number for myself on Goodreads of how many books I think I'll read that year - I don't really see it as a goal, because I'm not counting them as I read's more like I want to see how close I am to guessing? Maybe that's weird. LOL

    Anyway I think re-reads count. Why wouldn't they?

  2. I agree with you. I don't count re-reads toward my reading goal. I might mention a re-read in a monthly book post, but I don't count it towards my goal of 40 for the year... Which is why I haven't done any re-reads lately. Although I think I'm ahead enough on my goal to where it wouldn't mess me up for once.

    1. I think I may start doing that...mentioning it in the monthly link-up I do, but not counting it towards the yearly goal.