Favorite Books: Childhood

So this one is kind of hard, because I don't super remember my childhood books. By childhood, I'm referring to birth- age 5/pre-school.

Mostly I remember watching Disney movies (I have an excellent collection of Disney movies on VHS at my grandparent's house, btw) and reading tons of Bible stories. To be fair...I also read Disney books and watched Bible videos. My childhood was pretty much all Disney & the Holy Bible, y'all. And a time where I danced around to Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. I'm not even going to bother apologizing.

But I have went through the books I have leftover from my childhood because I put them in Maise's room (obviously). And based on my mom's super emotional reaction to them, these are books I must have loved because she teared up seeing them in the nursery.

Some of the ones causing this reaction were my Little Golden Books. I definitely remember Mr. Bell's Fix It Shop and the Barbie story. 

I also remember I had this big Cinderella book, which apparently I memorized and would read to people while holding it upside down (this is one of my dad's favorites stories about me as a child).

And something cool that I think came from some kind of flea market that I went with my grandparents a lot- I had a book that had my name in it. I believe it was a Barbie theme (I liked Barbie, okay? I know, it seems strange to me too). But basically I put my name, and my parent's names, and my best friend's name, and they inserted it into a set story and it was pretty awesome.

What were your favorite books as a child?


  1. The House that Jack Built, The Story of Ping, and Sweet Pickles were some of my favorite books when I was 6 and under.

  2. Recently I was at the library browsing for picture books for my daughter and came across one I remember SO vividly from my childhood - Space Case by James Marshall. It was a total flashback moment!