Thoughts on Motherhood: The Early Weeks


It's been pretty great. 

Mostly great.

Okay it has been predominately great with some kind of crappy moments. 

I am so in love with my baby and seeing Tank be a daddy and all the amazing love and support we've been showered with. 

It's truly heartwarming and I've cried from shear gratitude several times.

I've also cried from pain and frustration with breastfeeding (currently have a "traumatized" boob, wtf) and being on a 3 hour schedule (Maisie's weight is not where it should be so we have to wake & feed her every 3 hours). 

But it's getting better.

I honestly had a pretty great labor & delivery. Short version- more than a week overdue, induced with pitocin, had an epidural, labored for 13.5 hours, pushing the last 2 for a vaginal delivery. Recovering pretty smoothly and cannot wait for clearance to start working out again. It's sort of nice to not be pregnant anymore!

Hubs says that is why breastfeeding is so difficult- can't have everything go that smoothly! May be changing to formula soon for my mental health.

 Anyway. After hibernation for a while, we finally made it out to church and go on outings maybe every other day. We're figuring it day at a time.

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  1. It sounds like everything is going as smoothly to be expected! I can't imagine that breastfeeding could be a good time. The three hour schedule thing also sounds like a bummer. I'm sure it's interesting getting into a whole new routine.

    Hope you get as much rest as possible and get to start working out again soon!