Put the Phone Down!

I have a love-hate relationship with my iPhone. 

It's kind of awesome in the sense that...it can do so much. It stores pictures of my adorable little baby, and my husband and I can easily share them instead of constantly texting and having to save them. I can connect with friends and family. I can connect with strangers who share my love of reading or read about cool things people are doing across the world.

But...I can also read really terrible things that bum me out.

And I can miss my "real" life- I don't need to be checking Facebook while I'm holding my baby!

NO. I just don't.

And I could be reading...which is ultimately almost always going to be more productive when it comes to my personal satisfaction and mental health.

So my goal is to put the phone down more. 

I can just be more productive than staring at a phone.

My next goal is going to be to turn off the TV...but I sadly feel like it will be a while before I get there.

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  1. I'm trying really hard to turn my phone back into what I think it should be: a tool. It's become much more of a crutch and a time waster and I want to get back to the point where I only pick it up when I have something specific I want to do, not just as mindless entertainment. There's no games or social media at all on my phone anymore, and no Feedly either. The only thing I can't stop myself doing is mindless Internet browsing, unless I block myself from Reddit, so that's going to require actual willpower, which is the hard part. :P