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It's been almost 2 weeks since I have written a blog post. I can't blame any one thing, really...I just haven't blogged at all. I have ideas, drafts sitting in Blogger...

Maybe it's because of the presidential election and the racial tension that has finally erupted in my beloved home state- when this much is going on, anything I put here would be either inadequate or just ignoring these major life developments.

Sometimes all I can do is ignore it. That's terrible. It's not fixing the problem. But I don't know what to do. My heart bleeds for so many, for the ridiculous terrible state of our nation. And I can only bleed so much and stay whole. So sometimes I have to be in my personal, day-to-day bubble.

Maybe it's because there has been some schedule changes in my household and it's been hard to carve out time for myself.

Maybe it's because we were actually somewhat social lately so I've been living outside the internet (I know, shocking).

Maybe it's pure laziness. Who knows.

Anyway. I will try to do more stuff around here soon. Hope things are going well and the news isn't making you loose your mind too much.

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