Daily Habits

Since the little one arrived a few months ago, there have been some changes in my household. I knew this was going to happen, because it's inevitable.

This isn't me complaining at all- I love being a mom, it's awesome, my kid is super cool (although talking about how much I love her just feels...icky- can we just assume I like her and I'm happy and not get into mushy weird emotional territory? Kthanksbye).

But being responsible for someone else has made me realize...I am barely keeping it together to take care of myself!

Organization and planning sound sooooo boring and uncool. But here's the thing- otherwise, nothing gets done ever.

All that stress and anxiety you feel? Probably because you don't know where the hell any of your clothes or dishes are.*

*Anxiety and depression are serious mental conditions and you should absolutely get help if you suffer from them- but I know many people who use these terms flippantly and what they really mean is "I can't be bothered to care ahead of time so my basic idleness creates mild chaos in my life." This is the type of "anxiety" I am referring to in this particular instance.

I think I can really bring my stress level down by doing a few specific things each day.

-Make my bed
-Brush my teeth (Yes I sometimes get busy and skip, I know but it happens)
-Drink a full glass of water 

-15 cleaning rush
-Go over my (sadly neglected) bullet journal
-Read a book before bed instead of looking at my phone
-Drink a full glass of water

If I can manage to get into these habits, there are a few more I'd like to work on also:
-Monthly meal planning
-Setting out my outfits for the week
-Setting out Pumpkin's outfits for the week

I've done these in spurts and I know they are helpful. But they require getting ahead of schedule and I spend so much time playing catch up- hoping my time off at the holidays will help get me where I want to be.

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