2016 Reading Review

Looking back at my Reading Goals for 2016, I did pretty well overall.

I did finish everything on my IRL TBR, although that is a goal I will not be completing again. Sometimes I pick up a book that sounds interesting at the moment, but later I just go "Um, no this is not interesting." So I've slowly come to the Kondo theory when it comes to books- if it doesn't bring me joy, it goes.* Once I completed this goal and had more freedom with my choices, my reading life became much more enjoyable.

*Eh joy is kind of simplistic- but if it doesn't make me want to read it, I'm not gonna force it. It doesn't have to make me happy- there are fantastic books about dark subjects. It just has to feel like I am not wasting my time with something I get nothing out of. 

I also completed my Diversity Ready Challenge, which I am so thankful for because it lead me to some wonderful books I may not have found without it. I don't have a strict list this year, but I definitely want to continue to read about experiences that are different than my own.

I did not even start John & Hank Green's Reading Lists...but oh well. Lots of them just didn't appeal much (see above about Kondo theory...).

I surpassed my overall goal of 30 books and actually read 55! That is huge for me and I'm kinda proud of myself. It helps that I finally came around to audio & ebooks ;)