Do Something Good: Donate Blood

Y'all, the world is kinda shit right now.

I don't even feel bad about saying "the world" instead of "America" because I have international computer friends who are also like "WTF, guys?"

So, here's a way to do something good regardless of who you are/what you believe:


Apparently we are in a shortage- which we kind of always seem to be in :( But the Red Cross is bugging me even more than normal.

So I gave in. Posted my #BloodSelfie on social media (which sounds awful, but I'm trying to work with you ARC!).

 And you know what happened? A nurse who is a friend from church- who I'm pretty sure I disagree with politically on most topics- thanked me. She commented how she sees first hand what a difference this makes, and how thankful she is for donors.

It was nice.

It was also easy. I chugged like 60 oz of water in 2 hours, peed twice, ate a hot pocket, did my rapid pass questionairre online in less than 10 minutes, and spent less than an hour on my phone while laying down.

Not a bad way to save 3 lives, y'all.

Go. Do it. I'm blessed to be able to do it very close to work and that my employer has crazy good regulations regarding donations that allow me to be able to do it so easily. But we all can. Take your kids!  They'll be fascinated and it's a great learning experience. Go with your friends or romantic partners or family members.

Do something great today, and donate blood.

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