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I really, really enjoyed this book. It's about a girl who converts from Judaism to Christianity. Reading about people who waffle with their faith has always felt more realistic and sincere than people who have it all figured out. I really appreciated the parallels she drew between Jewish and Christian holidays and traditions- it makes me want to dig deeper in the history of my faith.

This was bittersweet...I loved this series, but the story was good. It wrapped up well. Winter & Jacin weren't my favorite couple, but it provided good insight into the culture on Luna under Levana's reign (reading Fairest first was helpful also). I liked the way the revolution happened, although I felt like the showdown between Cinder & Levana could have been a little...more. But overall a good ending.

This is sort of a prolonged epilogue and also a prequel for The Lunar Chronicles. I really enjoyed the picture it painted, and since it ends centered around Scarlet & Wolf I was super pumped- they are by far my favorite couple form the series. There was one story that, from what I can tell, didn't tie into the Lunar Chronicles at all...but the rest of them were super fun peaks into the characters I've grown to love. The relationship between Kai & Cinder seemed stiff to me, but worked out eventually.

This was an ebook deal from Goodreads or Book Riot's daily deals. I purchased it to go with Erin's Challenge, as a book set in my state. This book was somewhat slow going at first, but eventually picked up. The characters were all interesting, and I like how events were hinted at and then spoken of afterward, rather than specifically described firsthand. It was easy to get caught up in the rumors and hear-say, and added to the mythic quality of the story while making you feel like a part of the community watching this legand be born. Also, Serena may be one of the best female villains I have ever read. She is feminine and strong, mysterious and ruthless. She inspires respect, fear, and loyalty. There are mentions of tragedy in her past, but she never feels broken, which is often the case with villains in general but specifically female villains. Rather than paint her as damaged, she is written to simply be vile, and I loved it.

This book does not necessarily provide new information for getting your sh*t together. But, Knight has a great conversational style and uses some fun cuss words that may help you actually realize the truth of it and make a change. Worthwhile, but not quite as good as her first book IMO.

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  1. I remember hearing about Serena a little bit before the movie came out, but I don't think I ever really knew what it was about, but your review makes it sound really intriguing!

  2. ahh i think i am due for a reread of the lunar chronicles soon. i miss those people. i love scarlet and wolf too, followed closely by cinder and kai. i loved the short stories in stars above. so cute :)

  3. The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck was better than GYST but the latter was still good.

    DO NOT see the movie adaptation of Serena. It was as awful as the book was good. And I agree--she is an amazing villain.

  4. I meed to hop on the Lunar Chronicles. I have been wanting to read them. I need to get my shit together, so I will have to try that one.

  5. Girl Gets God sounds like something Totally up my alley!!!
    I'm so glad to know that the Lunar Chronicles has all the books out - now I can start reading them!

  6. Winter and Jacin weren't my favorite couple either. I felt they got a bit shortchanged because Winter had to tie up so many ends. But I got them a bit more in Stars Above, especially Jacin's loyalty to Winter. I love a great female villain and adding Serena to my TBR.

  7. I've been saving Winter forever because I just don't want the story to end, but I need to read it soon!

  8. Girl Meets God sounds really interesting. I need to add that one to my Goodreads!

  9. I have Winter but it's so long I really need to find a good time to start it, but I'm excited - I love that series!


  10. I have got to get back into the Lunar Chronicles series. I read the first book and then stopped.

  11. I loved The Lunar Chronicles. Winter is an interesting character because of her mental state (don't want to say too much here)... it makes me wonder what she would have been like otherwise! Glad you enjoyed the series. Good to know about Serena. I have it, but have a bit of hesitation to start it. You make me want to pick it up for sure. Glowing review. Here from SUYB. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  12. I am so freakin' pumped about your post because very VERY rarely (read: never) have I read the majority of the books!!
    I liked the brevity of the showdown between Cinder and Levana- only because I don't necessarily like to read about battles. It happened quick and I liked it. During that throne room scene I actually thought for a minute that Levana was glamoring Cinder to believe that she was Thorne and vice versa. (I'm glad I was wrong.)
    I really liked Stars Above. It wasn't my favorite story, but the one that showed Winter and Jacin's past was the most revealing for me. I LOVE the final story in that book. I could've done with The Littlest Android but whatevs.
    As far as I remember, I enjoyed Serena, too. You are 100% spot on in describing her character. Part of me wanted to be her, part of me was afraid of her, and part of me hated her. I loved that.
    (Serena was made into a movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. I has SUCH high hopes for the film but it totally sucks- especially in comparison to the book!)

  13. After I read it someone pointed out to me that The Little Android was a play on The Little Mermaid. Which made sense. But it still didn't make it any better for me. Ha.

  14. Serena sounds really good!
    I might try Get Your Shit Together although I didn't like her first book. Maybe because I feel like I have a good handle on what I do and don't give a fuck about, but I definitely don't have my shit together right now!

  15. I still want to read the Lunar Chronicals. I think that might be a good library series. I also want to read the Sarah Knight books. One day. So many books, so little time.