Why I'm Not Surprised or Offended by Non-Christians

Lately I've been noticing a trend. It's been going on for years- or at least, I started noticing it years ago, but it seems to have gotten worse lately.

That sentence applies to a lot of things, actually.

But specifically, this is about the fact that Christians keep getting offended or surprised when people act in non-Christlike/Biblical ways.

Y'all. I don't know what Bible you are reading. But today's world is just a different kind of sinful. People didn't have iPads or know who the Kardashians were in Moses' day and they still ended up worshiping a gold statute.

People inherently suck. That's basically the point of Christianity- humans are awful and need a perfect Savior.

So then WHY do Christians act like it is a surprise when NON-CHRISTIANS do not act in a Christ-like manner?

That is exactly what the Bible tells us is going to happen.

No, the world is not perfect. Yes, you have to witness non-Christians thing. Yes, your children have to witness non-Christian things. Because this is not HEAVEN. This is Earth, and it's full of people who suck.

Non-Christians, please don't think I am saying you are terrible people. I mean, I kind of am, but my point is that ALL people are flawed. There are plenty of terrible people who claim (and probably even are) Christians, but that's a whole other subject. I'm trying to start with the basics here.

I'm just pointing out that if you are worried about policing behavior...you are going to have your hands full, Christians.

It is illogical to expect people who are not Christians to adhere to Christian beliefs. 

The laws of Amsterdam mean nothing here in America. And the laws of Christianity mean nothing to those outside the faith. Stop acting like it's a shock and offense when it's common friggin' sense.

Also, why do Christians refuse to go into explanations? You can say "pre-marital sex is wrong" and call people trashy and get all the Christian brownie points you want. But unless you explain why, you just sound like an arrogant jerk.*

*my perspective- within Christianity sex is considered very intimate and personal and holy- to do that outside of marriage or with multiple people is to endanger your spirituality...it's like eating a dozen doughnuts every day...you can, but it's not good for you, and even from a secular perspective you have to admit sex can be emotionally and physically risky

And you can refuse to join an organization that also allow LGBT+ members, but guess what? You have a 0% chance of ever sharing Christ with someone you refuse to be around.

I am not surprised or offended when people outside of my faith act with disregard to my faith.

What bothers me is when Christians somehow think they are above everyone else and the entire world- literally- should act the way THEY BELIEVE. 

Read your Bible. The freakin' superhero of our faith was murdered.

Almost every story in the Bible involves Christians being treated like crap. We are almost never the victors- at least not immediately.

You want to know why we don't see miracles the way we used to? Because we don't give the Lord the opportunity to do them.

If someone tried to throw a Christian into a lion's den today, there would be millions of dollars thrown together and pro-American speeches made and they would never even hear a lion's roar.

Get down off your freakin' high horse and go take care of some widows and orphans, or at least stop looking so smug while you eat your damn "straight people only" Chik-fil-a.

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  1. It's been about a month and I still find myself thinking about this post so I'm back. I'm actually not sure what to make of it. I think you're telling other Christians to stop acting superior to non-Christians, or maybe just to stop shunning them. But it also comes across a little "non-Christians are evil, but they just don't know better." Or that Christians need to interact with non-Christians in order to set a good example or try to convert the heathens. But I don't get that vibe at all from you in our other interactions and I'm pretty sure I've made it clear that I'm an atheist. So I guess I'm just curious at this point. Do you believe you have to be Christian to be a good person?

    And while I don't debate the point about Christians being treated poorly in the bible (and persecuted by the Romans, for sure), there's also tons of examples of other religions being persecuted throughout history (Judaism comes to mind first, obviously, but all the little pagan religions that were suppressed and rolled into Christianity) and even Christians persecuting each other for the slight (relative to other religions) differences between denominations.

    Although rereading your post, I'm not 100% if that's the point you were making (that there's no "war on Christianity") or if your point was that Christians are treated badly now because they always have been.

    Anyway, I'm not in any way offended or upset by this post, but I am curious because I wasn't 100% what some of your statements meant so I hope you'll be open to explaining it to me!