Monthly Recommendations April 2017: Big Books

This months topics are big books- specifically books with 500 pages or more. I really wasn't sure how many I would have for this recommendation...thank God for Goodreads. Seriously y'all, I could not blog about books without Goodreads to keep track of all the details I can't remember on my own, haha.

The first book I thought of was Gone With the Wind. I freakin' love this book. When I read it I was living in Colorado and reading this sweeping Southern Saga was a balm to my transplanted little soul. I like that it covers topic like race, love, marriage, society, religion, family, and about a million other topics while showing all the gray areas. Many things in life are hard, and you can be selfish and do the right thing and you can have great intentions and screw everything up's just super interesting and I love it.

Apparently when it comes to big books, I love a Southern saga. This book was the first Pat Conroy novel I ever read...and it was love at first read. Something about his writing grips me and calms me simultaneously.  Normally, flowery and descriptive writing isn't necessarily my thing. But it works beautifully in Conroy's work.

I don't even know where I got this- maybe my local used bookstore? It's a collection of thriller short stories (hopefully that's not cheating). From just plain creepy to gory, from political terror to random physical violence, it represents a good range of the thriller/mystery genre, and I only DNF'd one story. It does give background on the authors, which takes up a lot of pages...I didn't necessarily need it, but it could be helpful to find other works by an author if there is one you really love.

This is my favorite classc. Jane Eyre is a little bit weird, she falls for a pretty weird guy, she definitely struggles, but she's clever and determined and a little snarky and it was remarkably relateable for me in a weird way. I was nervous to read it because I hated Wuthering Heights by her sister Emily Bronte, but this I loved.

What are your favorite big books? Link-up and let us know!


  1. Gone With the Wind was an interesting read because it was the first book I'd ever read where I hated the main character and still enjoyed the story. It was fascinating.

  2. I love Pat Conroy and feel the same about his writing.

    I adored Gone With the Wind. I thought the book was so much more gripping than the movie.

    Let's see, what other big mamas did I like...Trinity by Leon Uris (I think it's 800 pages), The Poisonwood Bible, The Book Thief, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

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  4. Pat Conroy is on my list. I feel like living in CHS means I need to at least TEST the Pat Conroy waters.

    I would say (yay to Goodreads for being able to sort by pages):
    The Redemption of Athalus

    PS the title says 2014. Which makes me have to admit that in the last month I have said it was 2012 no less than 5 times.