Add It To My List: May 2017

 Link-up creators are Lauren from Eat, Drink, & Be Lauren and Bre from Bre Writes. Basically, they are always recommending things to each other- podcasts, television shows, music, blah blah blah. And they figured- why not share even further? So they created this link-up where bloggers can share basically anything they've been enjoying lately.
  • Steph's post about rape culture
  • Jen's post: I love my kid, but...
  • One Bad Mother podcast
    • So funny, and non-judge-y, and they believe you are doing a good job. This has been massive for me this past month.
  • Self-Care Action Plan video from How to Adult
    • This hit the day after the AHCA vote, which basically makes me hate my life and feel like the rest of the world will be happy when I no longer exist because I'm a stupid money-hungry bitch who had the audacity to have faulty plumbing and then get knocked up (in case you haven't heard, irregular periods and pregnancy are both "pre-existing conditions" that insurance companies can charge me more money for, because in today's America no one gives a flying fuck about anything other than money but especially not pathetic bitches like me). 
    • That turned into a rant, and I ain't fucking sorry for it. FUCK THIS ADMINISTRATION. Anyway, obviously I need this video and to take care of myself since no one else is interesting in my well-being, yet despite that I still know I'm fucking important.
  • This video where Hank Green talks about the difference between compensation and gratitude
  • This super old post about becoming a mother, that makes me want to cry but like also explains a lot about my life and is making me realize I have some...realizing to do.
These next two are ones I can't believe I didn't post last month! They are fantastic resources for introverts who want to voice their opinion to the government but are also super introverted or just too stressed to form logical sentences. They are both liberal-leaning, although Resistbot will deliver any message including conservative ones.
  • 5 Calls
    • This site encourages you to make 5 calls a day- but what I really enjoy about them is their script. You can look up different issues and they will give you a script in case you aren't quite sure how to voice a concern. Also, if you tell them that you didn't get through on a particular line they will give you alternatives so you can try again.
  • Resistbot
    • This is one of my favorite millennial things. You text this robot and it turns those texts into faxes for your representatives. It's glorious. And if you use it enough you get "perks," like you can choose to write only one representative at a time- today I "unlocked" the ability to send SNAIL MAIL y'all. I can text a message and they will print a letter and put a stamp on it for free and mail it.
      • Pro tip- copy the script from 5 Calls and send it to Resistbot. You're welcome, caring but also kinda lazy/socially anxious person.
What have you been loving lately?


    1. I had been using ResistBot but then it started texting me daily when I hadn't written a new letter which was weird (??). I've never heard of 5 Calls so thanks for sharing! It's nice to have something to say other than "I don't like the president so all of his ideas suck..." which I mean is valid but also not compelling. Thanks for linking up!

    2. I am going to have to check out the One Bad Mother podcast!

    3. Omg, that post by Renegade Mother is so powerful. I just about cried reading that. Definitely following her blog now.

    4. Oooh! I use 5 Calls, but hadn't heard of Resistbot before! I love these recommendations.

    5. i'm so happy to see everyone's constant resistance. glad you have some self care tips. it's soooo important because everyday is exhausting. EXHAUSTING.

    6. I am NOT thrilled about the ACA changes. I know that most people we know were effected in negative ways (aka they pay more now) but I remember regular pre-ACA insurance when I had to pay for BC and there were months I couldn't afford it! There were also times that I spent more on my insurance than I did paying out of pocket to go to the doc and get a generic prescription. I just hate how it's not about the greater good for more people.