Figuring Out My Fashion Style

 I've been trying to figure out my personal style for a while now. 

Like, even before I got pregnant. And truthfully, I couldn't figure anything out. Not a specific thing, anyway. I think I was just too young really. I was in a weird phase of trying to figure out how to transition from college kid to working professional.

I have never been super girly or good at keeping up with trends. 

The idea of keeping up with constantly changing styles has always seemed really tiring and, to be honest, too damn expensive.

Along with all the other things that have changed in the past year since having my little one, I think I have finally come to a few conclusions. I know I have talked a lot about how hard becoming a mom has been, but truthfully this might be one area where having a baby has actually made me focus! I don't have time to try on 5 outfits every morning anymore, and I don't have the mental energy to dislike the way I'm looking all day. But I do feel the need to look put together and at least try to avoid the messy mom trope.

Somehow, this has narrowed my focus and given me clarity about what I actually like. I don't think it has an official name...but it's what I've got.

When it comes to style, here is what I like:
  • Pencil skirts. Fuckin' love a good pencil skirt. I have 3, and they rock. 
  • Flowy shirts or shirts that have an elastic band at the bottom. Mama pouch y'all. 
  • Cardigans. All day ever day- yes even in the summer. AC in the South is not a joke. 
  • Geometric patterns. All about stripes, polka dots, arrows, etc. 
  • If I am going to do florals, they have to be bright and big. Not the tiny or pale kind that make me think of wallpaper. I hate wallpaper.
  • When it comes to bottoms:
    • For work: khaki & black bottoms, always. Unless it's leggings, but even then mostly black.
    • For not-work: jeans/navy.
  •  When it comes to color, I just like red. But if I force myself to not get red or navy, then it should be coral & teal. Because otherwise...I'm not gonna wear it. Just accepting my box, y'all.
  • Wedges or flats. Who was I kidding with this "Maybe I could do heels" thing. I don't want to do them. 

So that's where I am. It's just what works for me. It took a while, and it's probably not the best. But it's what works for me and makes me feel put-together. Which is really all I ask for from my closet.

Do you have a specific style or rule that works for you? 
How did you figure out your style?

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  1. I have figured out certain styles that look more flattering on me and I certainly know what doesn't work. I like a-line cut dresses, and I am a big fan of the swing dress that is sort of trendy right now. For work I usually wear black dress pants or nicer jeans since I work in a casual office. Huge fan of cardigans and I tend to wear lots of jewel toned colors because they look best on my pale as fucccck skin. I also tend to gravitate towards lots of black and navy because I feel like those colors make me look "thinner" lol. And flowy tops, girl I feel you!