Letting It Go....

aka fucks I'm no longer giving 

Sorry for the language if it bothers you. But that's really the best way to describe it. Here's what I just refuse to worry about anymore.

  • Celebrity gossip
    • I just...do not care. I used to find it interesting. But now...they aren't in my life. Even if I like their work- I just like their work. Their profession does not mean I am forced to care about their personal beliefs or what they name their child. It just doesn't. And if our culture is going to lambast celebrities for being bad role models, then we also have to give up our trashy celebrity gossip that places them in the limelight.
  • Being emotionally involved
    • I care very deeply about many people and things. But not everything, and not all the time. And no, random person, I probably just don't care. I want you to be happy in a "I'm not a hateful person" way but that doesn't meant that 
      • I need to hear your life story (looking at you, panhandlers- if I give you the money, that's MY decision that I make way before I talk to you...don't feel the need to give me a sob story. I don't care if you just go buy booze- my good thing is giving you the money and then I let it go. You aren't required to justify what you do with it).  
      • I am required to tell you MY life story. It's mine. The more you bug me, the more I distrust you and will never tell you anything.
  • Current Music
    • I like what I like. I can't keep up. Especially now that I listen to podcasts in my car anyway. There is a part of me that thinks music people are so cool. I'm just not one of them.
  • Eating organic or any type of diet/eating plan 
    • Y'all, we're all gonna die of something. I choose pesticides and pre-packaged foods. Not all the time, but sometimes. It is just my reality. You can eat organic food instead of vaccinating your kids, whatever. Not my choice, and I don't care (but kid isn't playing with yours until she's had all the shots possible).
  • Spending time away from my kid
    • I LOVE my baby! She's super cool. And I'm coming out of the mom funk I was in for a few months. But it's good for her to spend time away and it's good for me to have some time to do other things- faster and more thoroughly- so that when we are home together we can have actual quality one-on-one time (I'm talking weekends away at grandparents, etc, not just leaving her alone for hours). 
  • Slumps (reading & blogging specifically)
    • Sometimes I read a ton and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I blog a ton and sometimes I don't. It goes in waves. I don't stop being a reader and blogger just because I take a few weeks off. It's about balance (just like eating well and spending time with my kid and everything else).
  • Current fashion trends (if they don't work for me) 
    • See my post about figuring out my personal sense of style. If it works for me, I'll do it. If not, I won't. End of story. 
  • Most parenting advice
    • I think I've made my feelings on parenting advice clear over the past 6 months. Do what works for you and your kid. The end (but seriously, vaccinate your kids).

My new plan is to simply take a mental shot when any of this comes up, and smile. Or say the word "Banana" over and over in my head until the person shuts up or the tendency to give a fuck goes away. NOPE. I'm done with these things.

Maybe I will do a post about what I actually do care about soon, but for now...


  1. I am so with you on parenting advice. I give zero f's about what anyone says on how to raise my kids. I love the idea of just saying "banana." Too funny.

  2. Here here to most of this stuff! I eat a healthy mix of organic and "could survive an apocalypse and still look like it did before." hahahhaha