What's In My Bag: Ju-Ju-Be Hobobe for Work

I told y'all in the last Add It To My List Link-Up that I had fallen for JuJuBe bags. Here's a review of how I pack it & why I think it's so awesome.

For my birthday, I purchased* a Hobobe and Be Quick off of the Buy/Sell/Trade page. I was only looking for a Hobobe, but the seller listed them both together for 40$ so I snatched it up. It's an older print, oh well. But the bag is still in really good condition and I bet I can use for a while.
*technically it's my present from the hubby, but this year we both said "Hey this is what I want" and we both got stuff we loved. Easier this way.

This is the picture from the BST page that caught my interest

Number one thing I loooooove about this bag? Two. Bottle. Pockets. Now, why does a grown woman need bottle pockets on a work purse? Because I like coffee in the morning, and water the rest of the time. Yes, I could carry these in my lunchbox. However. On the chance I don't finish either of these, they fall over in my lunchbox and leak. And I hate cleaning my lunch box. They stay perfectly upright in the bottle pockets of the Hobobe though. Perfectly. And even if they did spill, JJB bags are treated with Teflon so you just wipe them off.

Somehow this bag was treated with the Mary Poppins spell. I literally don't know how I fit so much in there.

Remember how I mentioned that I hadn't planned on getting the Be Quick? Well, I'm really glad to have one now. I haven't been carrying a big purse since I've started carrying a diaper bag. It was too much. So I had a small crossbody purse that I would carry with it (which I tossed into a canvas bag to carry to work with more crap). Then I got tired of that and would just throw my wallet, phone, keys, and chapstick into the diaper bag. The Quick is now perfect for holding these essentials. Plus, you can change the strap so it can be worn over the shoulder or as a wristlet or you can strap it to your diaper bag or on the stroller. So it can go in my work purse, be carried on it's own, or thrown into/strapped onto the diaper bag.

So in the Quick (small red bag), I have:
  • Vera Wang wallet
  • Hairbrush
  • pocket knife
  • face powder
  • coin purse with eye drops, chapstick, and flossers
  • folded up canvas bag (in case I run to the store & don't want to use plastic) 
  • hand sanitizer
  • sometimes my phone
  • Sunglasses or case for clip-on sunglasses, depending on what I'm wearing that day

The bag is divided into a few compartments.

 In the two bottle pockets I have:
  • Coffee cup
  • Water bottle
  • Or umbrella if it's raining & I want easy access

    Back pocket:
    (where the change pad would go if used for a diaper bag):
    • Moleskin notebook
    • Other notebook
    • Random papers as needed 

      Front "mommy" pocket:
      • Work ID & keys on key fob
        • This is the other big reason I wanted the bag. JuJuBe is the first line I have seen with a stretchy key fob built in. This is perfect for my work ID and office keys, which I always need at work but don't want to carry around on my normal key-ring
          • I can swipe my timecard & unlock my office with my keys still in my purse- WIN
      • pack of Papermate Flair Pens
      • extra pens from church
      • gum
      • sometimes phone
      • Earbuds 

      Tech Pocket (not pictured):
      • Sunglasses (my phone will fit in here, but because I have so much other stuff in it it's pretty tight & requires some wiggling-I prefer to keep it in the mommy pocket and have my sunglasses here- it's felt-lined so super soft to prevent scratches). It's tight but works. 

        Main compartment:
        • Umbrella (laying on the bottom)
        • Be Quick (sits on top of umbrella)
        • Book (current one is about 1.5 inches thick- will probably switch between this & iPad for e-reading)
        • Lotion
        • Deodorant
        • Eyeglass case (with the clip-on sunglasses for my eyeglasses)

          This bag can be worn over the shoulder or cross-body, so it's cool to have options. Also the hardware is really sturdy so I keep my car keys on a carabiner and clip them there (or to my diaper bag or to the Quick). I started doing this with my keys a few years ago and it's the freakin' smartest thing I've ever done- no more searching for my keys constantly. It does require that any bags I use regularly have sturdy hardware (I've chipped a LOT and worn out bags that only have fabric handles).

          Another note- if needed I can also pull out the Quick so I can fit more stuff in the HBB and carry both on my shoulder. But that's pretty rare, since this bag is specific to work. 

          Anyway. This is in no way sponsored, I have nothing to do with Ju-Ju-Be, I didn't even buy these bags new. I just really like the functionality of everything I have tried so far.

          Diaper bag review later this week! Also JuJuBe...

          Anyone else this picky about bags? 
          Have you found a system that really works for you?


          1. It's marketed as a Mary Poppins bag????? Sold.

          2. I've been carrying the same bag for definitely over two years. Possibly three. I love when you find one that suits you perfectly. Enjoy!