Busy, but Happy

In case you haven't noticed, I've been a little MIA lately. Just got way out of the blogging flow.

We turned in the majority of paperwork for foster care licensing. I think the only thing left is to give the doggies a rabies shot (Tank did it himself last time, so no record, but it's due anyway so just have to find time to take them to the vet). So now...we wait, apparently. Oh, and maybe go get another set of fingerprints because apparently one is not enough.

Babycakes & I visited my parents for a family reunion. It was short visit and it was weird that Tank had to work and couldn't go- but it was nice to see them.

It wasn't the best timing, because I had my second test the week after so I missed a weekend of cramming. And the FC/A meeting was the day before my test so I was scrambling to make sure all of that was taken care of also bit into study time...so I'm not sure how I did. Probably still passed, at least? But almost certainly not as well as my first test.

And we have a Halloween party at our house this weekend. And my freakin' one year old has SPIRIT WEEK at daycare next week! What is that?!? So...I'm gonna try to think of something for that (I refuse to buy a shirt from this daycare for "school spirit" though...not spending over 10$ on something she will wear maybe 2x in her life...). But I'm not too upset, because I figure Halloween/Spirit Week is an excuse to work on her "dress up" box.

Although, it really gives me a new project because I have this old but small chest that was mine as a kid/teen that my mom gave me (along with many other matching pieces) when we were setting up the nursery. But I had no idea what to actually put in it so I haven't bothered to scrub or repaint (because when something just sits for 10+ years, it starts looking very sad). But it's perfect for dress-up/costumes because I don't actually care if they get wrinkled/etc so they can just be tossed in, and Babycakes loves playing with it empty half the time.

I also had an amazing girls night! It was super low-key and something my friend started, a...support group? That sounds so cheesy and awkward. Basically a get-together, specifically for new moms, to have an excuse to hang out with friends and support each other. It's very positive, both in regards to yourself and your female friends, and it was ah-mazing. Shout-out to our husbands, because while the "careless caveman" portrayal of husbands/dads is definitely something our culture perpetrates...none of ours blinked an eye when we peaced out of the house on a weeknight to do this, because "Yeah that sounds great, you totally need/deserve that." Plus, I had some delicious caramel hot chocolate and pastries so ya know. Win-win.

Oh, and I started working out/walking again. Not very much- maybe 1-3 times a week. But it's something, and it's good for me.

So, I've been busy. And it's been slightly stressful. But...it's been good. I'm doing things I want to do...I'm living my life.

It's pretty darn great.


  1. That's what it's about!

    Really exciting foster news. I don't think I knew you were doing that.

  2. Tests are stupid. Then again, so are our high standards.. :)