Current Thoughts [October 2017]

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FYI: renaming the "Mid-Month Updates" to "Current Thoughts"

  • Can someone who disagrees with kneeling during the National Anthem please explain to me what is an appropriate means of protest? Because it is nonviolent, does not block roadways or workplaces, and takes up no ones time.
    • And just a reminder that, FYI, protesting is part of the know, the document and ideals that is actually supposed direct our laws and governing rather than bullshit opinions of people who didn't pay attention in history class. 

      • The military is not a single person or school of thought. Like the NFL and literally every other group in America, there are diverse opinions and beliefs and races and religions. Gettin' real sick of people speaking out about how "soldiers" feel about politics and the above-mentioned forms of protests. This idea that there is a single prevailing opinion within any group of people is exactly what has our country in the fucked up position it is currently in. 
      • I think I might be getting carpal tunnel between school & work and typing/writing all day. Trying to take asprin & do some stretches to help...might break down and get a wrist brace.
      • There is a consignment sale for kids coming up and I am PUMPED. I am not a super Black Friday shopper or anything like that, but this is only 2x a year and it's the easiest way to get baby clothes. Even asked for help to line up a (free, thankfully) sitter. 

      • Still riding that bullet journal train. Y'all, it's like magic. I am not working any harder than normal but I actually feel like I'm being more productive, because instead of wasting time trying to remember what all I have to do I'm just...doing it. And it's all there in a tiny little book. I'm such a nerd. 
      •  Babycakes got bit at daycare...twice in one week. She was the biter for a while, so I try to be understanding...but one of them left a bruise that lasted about 4-5 days. She's skinned knees and stuff, but that's while having fun. This is the first time someone else has truly left a mark, and while I know it happens it's still uncomfortable.
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      • Pretty much our whole family is feeling icky. THANK JESUS no stomach bug, which is going around. But snotty and Babycakes had a fever, so she had to stay home from daycare. I'm about 90% sure it was due to teething because as soon as she came home and had one dose of Tylenol she was totally fine, maybe 15% snug-lier and whiny than normal...but no more fever and up for playing. Which sinus headache-y mama was not prepared for (I stupidly thought we'd have a sick cuddle day...ahahahaha).
      • It's freakin' October and I'm still having to shave my legs, because it's like 75 and about 1000% humidity at 5 am. GET IT TOGETHER, MOTHER NATURE. I need it to be cool enough to wear leggings, okay? Because again- ickyness all over the house. And it's hard to be sure anyone has a fever when realistically we could just be sweating because everything is sweating because it's seriously almost 80 when we wake up. 

      • It's so frustrating to me when people don't just FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. I'm having to train new people at work again and ugh it's the worst. People who don't grasp things baffle me. And I'm sure that's a privilege that I have...but ugh it's soooo hard. Especially when I'm not a friendly person to start with. 
      • I'm officially addicted to caffeine. If I don't have a cup of coffee or can of soda by lunch I have a raging headache and feel quite stabby. Based one a post in a moms group though...I may be able to blame pregnancy. Apparently it can make you resistant to caffeine- like shaking after a cup of 1/2 decaf, or make you dependent on it (aka me). 

            This turned a little more rant-y than I expected...but this is sort of where I get things out and all the fun stuff I like typically goes to the Show Us Your Books or Add It To My List link-ups. One rant-y post a month seems fair.

            What's up with you lately?


            1. Yes yes to the kneeling thoughts but I think we both know the answer we'd get is that there is no acceptable protest for this issue to some people. Hateful hateful aholes.

              My wrist is killing me regularly.

            2. Preach it about the kneeling during the national anthem. I just...I can't. ANYWAYS.

              And the biting at daycare - it's rough. When I worked at a preschool we had a kid who bit the others, and most parents were pretty understanding particularly because the kid has special needs. But still, it was stressful.

            3. I'm so over this humidity. My hair looks a hot mess every single day AND I'm pretty certain that if Gillyweed was a real thing, I would have bought all of it in Charleston just to be able to walk between classes without suffocating.

              I bought peppermint creamer and I want to use it, but Teh German makes his coffee too strong for me and it keeps me awake for an unbearably long amount of time, which I guess means I'm SUPPPPERRR sensitive to caffeine, which would make sense since I can't have sweet tea at dinner if we go out because the caffeine will keep me up.

              Also, ranty posts are awesome.

            4. I am so over the heat and the humidity. Where is fall?!?!?!?! Or at least a little bit cooler temps? It was 86 when I was driving home at 6pm the other night. Uncalled for! I dont even want to think about Zoe getting bit or anything at daycare. The other day she came home with a scratch on her nose and I know it could have been her nails...they were about due to be trimmed....but it wasn't really the same looking scratch as when she has done it to herself.

            5. Canada is at the time of year where it's cold as fuck in the morning so you basically wear a winter coat and the hot as fuck in the afternoon so we die from heat stroke. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, CANADA