Reading Q&A

I'm taking this from Teh Megan, who took it from someone else...blogging is all about connection, right?

If you came up with this & want credit, let me know & I will be happy to link your blog/etc!

How many hours a week do you spend reading?
This really really varies due to about a million factors.
Anywhere from 1-10, let's say. More if an audio-book is involved.

I like Megan's answer:
"I don't count the hours of things I enjoy."

Do you prefer digital or print books?
All of the above.
Nothing is as cozy or relaxing as cuddling up on the couch with a
blanket and a physical book. It's also easier on my eyes. 

However, ebooks are so handy!
 I can read on my phone at lunch or my iPad
 and binge a series super quick through the library. 

2 favorite genres?
General Fiction
after that, it's a free-for-all

 2 not-favorite genres?
deep sci-fi (Journey to the Center of the Earth type)
after that, it's more dependent on writing than genre

 Biggest book pet peeve?
super sweet love stories
not necessarily cliches, but just...
when nothing goes wrong or people are "all-in" immediately

 Favorite thing about reading?
the escape it provides- it allows me to "hide" from real life

 Bookish confession?
I used to dog-ear pages constantly.
As I get older I understand why this is so upsetting,
but for years I was guilty as sin.


  1. I'm so used to the Kindle app being in all the places that I struggle when I read something that isn't on all my devices. #spoiled

  2. I read most of my books by ebook or listen on audio in the car. My favorite part of reading is escaping into another world too!