Show Us Your Books: 2017 Favorites

Merry Christmas! Hope it was wonderful!

and if you don't celebrate, hope you had a good day anyway.

As an extra special gift, it's time for a special edition of Show Us Your Books! Today is all about your favorite books that you've read this year. Here's mine:

I can't recommend this series enough. Three very different women, all trained assassins, and old gods and myths and love and Death and royal politics and war...a great read.

I can't say it any differently- if you have EVER wanted to truly understand the phrase "rape culture," read this book already. It lays it out. It takes a long time to do so- because it's nuanced and important...but the payoff is so huge.

This was great in so many ways. Classic John Green and his introspective teenagers, which I am a sucker for. When you add in representation of OCD and's a win. It's a 2017 win.

Ahhhhh OMG I loved this one. It was everything I wanted in a book. The characters were relate-able and lovable and infuriating and I've met those Mothers so many times in my life. 

Again, everything I wanted in a book. The characters were so real and the relationships were so raw and there was pain and endurance and the slightest hint of bittersweet hope and ugh. Broke my heart so good. 

Sometimes we need a reality check. This is it. Hilarious and insightful- you can't lose.

A super fun and cute and vivid sci-fi reinterpretation of several classic fairytales. Touches on stereotypes and mental health and PTSD and lots of other important things.

This is one of those book that has been a slow burn. I return to it often. It's a fictional account of the lives of the five women mentioned in the lineage of Jesus Christ. I never really paid attention, honestly- those "X begat Y" verses are super easy to skip. But every one of these women had their morality questioned...but they lead to a miracle. It's made me so much...less righteous. How do I know the mistakes I believe I witness aren't leading to something amazing?
Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

 What were your favorite reads of 2017?

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  1. I loved The Man called Ove so much, I'm scared to read Bear Town because I don't want it to taint the author... but I keep hearing mixed things about it - I've got to dive in & try it.

    The Lunar Chronicles are next on my list to read for a series.

  2. Beartown - so good! I love the Lunar Chronicles, re-read it this year. so good. The Mothers, Everything I Never Told You & the Assassain trilogy are all on my TBR.. hopefully in 2018? lol.

  3. I really want to read Born a Crime, and I own Turtles - need to read that soon. Love the Lunar Chronicles - I have to read that still but it will happen ASAP.


  4. Yess Beartown-- so many quotes stuck out to me while reading. I'm on the waitlist for Turtles and am really excited to read it in the next few weeks.

  5. HIS FAIR ASSASSIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, I just re-read all of The Lunar Chronicles the last week or two (as one does...) and UGH THE FEELS I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH.

  6. The Mothers made my list too. So beautifully written. I liked Grave Mercy but found it a tad long. Seeing your enthusiasm makes me think I need to give book 2 a try.

  7. I loved Everything I Never Told You. I liked The Mothers but I think I liked the writing better than I liked the story, if that makes sense.

  8. The His Fair Assassin series sounds very intriguing!
    Yay for The Lunar Chronicles. I love them so much :)

  9. Love what you said about Beartown about the payoff being huge, for I felt the same way. Happy New Year to you!

  10. I have the first assassin book on my ipad! :) I looooved The Lunar Chronicles, and really need to get around to Beartown. It came from the library at a time when I didn't have a second to read. Hoping to get to it this year. XO - Alexandra

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