Three Things: Christmas Edition 2017

 photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash, edited with Canva

Borrowed this from Jana Says, who borrowed it from someone else.

3 Things I Love about Christmas

  1. Decorated Christmas trees. I never think I care...but then I see my tree lit up and it's so peaceful and joyous.
  2. Stockings by the fireplace. Seriously, what is more homey and Christmas-y?
  3. Candelight Christmas services at church. I don't always get to attend, because I have to travel so much to see family and sometimes schedules just don't work out. But they are beautiful and moving every time.

3 Things I Dislike about Christmas

  1. The Elf on the Shelf phenomenon. This was Jana's but YEP. Or actually, NOPE. It's a no for me.
  2. Trying to coordinate schedules with family, and then family acting butt-hurt that they have to be scheduled. Dude, it's life. No, no one single person or family is the MOST important thing in the world. I'm not three, neither is my husband, we gots shit to do and people to see even in December.
  3. Trying to decide what to get people and how much to spend and what they want.

3 Favorite Christmas Movies

  1. Eloise at the Plaza.
  2. The Grinch (mainly because Hubs likes it).
  3. A Christmas Story? Idk, I'm really not huge on the movies.

3 Favorite Christmas Treats

  1. No bake goodies- they are basically peanut butter balls with chocolate chips & powdered sugar & nuts & condensed milk. My mom (who is not a baking type) makes them every year and they are so yummy!
  2. Cider. It's a great drink anytime it's cold, but even better at Christmas (by the fire with the stockings hung, duh).
  3. Eggnog. It's a desert you can spike & drink- yes, please!

3 Favorite Christmas Traditions

  1. Driving around to see Christmas lights. Since we are out of town so much and can't count on doing specific things at specific houses on specific days, our "tradition" for our family (ie us & kids) is to ride around looking at lights. We do a city tour and/or a "scavenger hunt" (found on Pinterest). We can do it anytime and anyplace.
  2. My husband & sister have an ongoing war to give each other embarrassing gifts or gifts that are crazily wrapped (like, three layers of duct-tape or glue). I don't participate but it's funny to watch.
  3. Does opening presents count? I mean, it's pretty fun.

3 Favorite Christmas Songs

  1. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
  2. Baby It's Cold Outside (yes, I understand it could be problematic- I choose to view it as coy & playful)
  3. All I Want for Christmas is You, cheesy but fun.

3 Favorite Christmas Gifts Received

I really don't know! Strangely I tend to remember birthday gifts better. Christmas presents get lost in the shuffle of the holiday.
  1. Oh, my Pandora bracelet. That was a really good one from hubs.
  2. My MIL always buys me Barnes & Nobles gift cards- WIN!
  3. I'm out.

3 Gifts I Want to Give the World

  1. Compassion. There is not enough of it in this world.
  2. Open-mindedness. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. Daily. Hourly. Consider it from the other side. We will not solve the world's problem until we learn to respect each other's positions. Ask why.
  3. Hope. Sometimes this feels like a foolish burden of it's own...but it's how we survive.



    And I also like Baby it's Cold Outside. I see the problematic elements, but I also see the cutesy stuff too.