Current Thoughts: January 2018

Aaaahhhhh it's 2018!!! I'm still not used to that.

  • This is a holdover from the end of December, but I am so thankful for good men. I like men. I like a lot of aspects in traditional masculinity, and I think I fail to acknowledge that sometimes when I come across all "YAY FEMINISM." I'm not necessarily sorry about this, because YAY FEMINISM. But I was watching our Christmas service and noticed it was all men on the stage for the first song- this is not really typical, as we have several women in our worship band. It just worked out that way for the skills+schedule of this first song. And I watched these men- several of whom I know personally- and they were so passionate and talented and I was so happy. Because while women have had almost no role models to identify with throughout have had a lot of really bad ones (look at any newspaper to confirm). So here's a shout-out to men who aren't, ya know, giant douche-canoes in a world that has told them they have the right to be giant douche-canoes (and sometimes disparages them when they aren't). Reminder that feminism is not about replacing you/your sex/your gender- feminism is about ensuring that we all have choice and respect as humans.

  • Speaking of- I made this all female playlist a few months ago (spurred by the bullshit tomato/salad scandal). And I've also been listening to a lot of female lead podcasts (this one wasn't as intentional). And I've been focusing more on my female friends. And y''s kind of super cool. To be honest, I feel like my personal life experience has not been super hampered by discrimination. But making literally the smallest effort to promote more women in my life has been a mental game-changer. Probably along with other things going on in my life- but it really opened my eyes to why representation matters. Which I knew intellectually before, but that's totally different than experiencing it yourself.

  • I'm over winter. OVER IT. I mentioned that we had some crazy low temps and snow for about a week...and more is coming. And supposedly the Farmer's Almanac, which listed this past storm, lists another one next month in February. NOPE. I'm done. DONE DONE DONE. 

  • I bought a bunch of workout stuff this month, because I have actually been working out fairly regularly. 
    • The group I meet with is FiA, it's AMAZING and such a supportive and pro-woman group and I'm so glad I'm involved. I highly recommend you looking to see if your city has one- and if they don't, consider starting one. Seriously- in addition to working out, it's about promoting fellowship and community and leadership among women. 
    • But we meet in parks & public spaces, so I've been working out in 20-30 degree weather, and my clothes were not made for that. So I got these high waist-ed compression pants, this shirt, and two of these hoodies. They're great, I recommend them all- but those hoodies are LOVE. I meant to get 2 shirts, not 2 hoodies, and planned on returning the hoodie...but I may have one workout hoodie & one everyday hoodie because man they are comfortable (& less than 10$). 

  • I just made my first dental appointment in 10 years. I know- gross. But it was a lack of insurance and then a lovely combo of embarrassment and anxiety that has continued holding me back. But, I'm proud of myself for getting over it and doing it. 

What's up with you lately?


  1. I spent a lot of time away from the dentist from fear and at one point lack of insurance. Godspeed!

    Cute hoodies.

    I like all people who aren't aholes because society has told them they could be because of gender, skin color, etc.

  2. You know me, I'm YAY FEMINISM too. But, I know I need to appreciate the good men in my life more often. Cause, they're pretty great. And remind me why I don't throw my phone across the room every time I look on a dating app lol.

    And YES to also promoting women! (basically all good people lol) I created a Queens playlist recently and it's one of my faves.

  3. I think there needs to be a YAY not a douchecanoe meme lol.
    Another good place to get workout clothes: Walmart. I don't love tight pants to work out in, so I've picked up several pair there. I've also gotten a few shirts. PLUS, cheap. I lurve cheap.