Send Kids a Banned Book!

Bre from Bre Writes posted about the fact that The Hate U Give was banned at a school district in Texas. People within the community are buying and delivering them to the Little Free Libraries throughout the city so students can still access them freely.

Y'all. I am reader.

I haven't read this book yet myself, mainly because I think it will enrage and hurt me because it is so damn relevant to everything going on today (yes, I'm being super overly cautious and scared of the feelings this will create in me).

BUT- I am a reader. Not a fan of banning books. Not a fan of ignoring things or TAKING THEM FROM OTHER PEOPLE instead of stepping up and having a potentially difficult conversation.

So I bought the book and sent it to this Little Free Library coalition, and I hope you do too. Be the change, do the thing- it was $16.xx. Or just SHARE the article so maybe someone else can. Many of the people who read my blog are readers, so if you can...let's stand by the reading community. Let's have the conversation and make others have it too.

Here is the link with the info for buying the books & how to send them: CLICK ME (STACKED BOOKS).


  1. I cant believe they banned Hate U Give?! It was such an incredible read. Yes, infuriating at times, but so very very important. I think everyone needs to read it for sure.

  2. I sent Bre three last night. I HATE PEOPLE WHO ATTEMPT TO CENSOR READING.