Current Thoughts: February 2018

 Hello! January is over! It took forever...why? Why is January the longest month EVER?

Anyway. Here's what's going on in my life atm...

  • Babycakes is in a hitting/no no no to everything/tantrum, and it flippin' SUCKS. Like I know it's part of being a toddler, but it's also so damn infuriating and also concerning because I don't want my kid to be the brat. Hopefully it's just a stage, which I think the biting was, but ugh. Not a fan.

  • On the other hand, SHE TALKS SO MUCH! And does so many things! It's so cool to see her put things together and make her own connections and thoughts, and see her little personality come out more and more. Totally adorable and awesome and fun. Definitely have to be super careful about what I say/watch/listen to/do, because she copies literally EVERYTHING.

  • Basically, living with a toddler is literally like living with a real life Sour Patch kid.

  • Hubs & I have a halfway plan of getting out of debt, possibly within the next 1-2 years. I know some people act like debt itself is the worst thing on the planet, but truthfully I'm just proud of us for realizing our mistakes and working to fix them. It's dependent on a few things that aren't set in stone quite yet but look very probable. Like, we took half our tax return to pay off my student loan! And have fairly responsible plans for the other half. Overall, yay, successful adulting! 

  • More successful adulting: I went to the dentist! I know, this SHOULDN'T be a big deal...but I haven't been since high school. It's terrible, but whatever, it's my life. I'm going to end up getting 5 teeth removed (wisdom teeth+an extra...literally I just have an extra tooth behind my normal tooth). Anyway, this is nothing and I probably have a long road ahead of me, possibly braces IF I can afford them which I'm not sure I can. But, I did a thing I've avoided for a decade so GOOD FUCKING JOB, ME.

    • I think I have hacked my own Facebook. I hate Facebook because it is supposedly about connection, but IT'S NOT. At least not for me. No one talks TO each other, they mostly talk ABOUT each other...or themselves. But it does provide useful information for researching restaurants and community events, selling things in BST or Yard Sale pages, etc. Sooooo...I decided to unfollow all of my "friends!" With all due respect to's not being used as a means of actual communication. I started to just unfriend people, but that would potentially cause drama that I am just not prepared to handle at the moment. It's great. I'm not worried about missing info, because my IRL friends or Hubs will keep me clued in on the major developments. 

      What's up with you lately?


      1. Ugh the dentist is the worst! I avoided going to many years, went and got a bunch of stuff done and was so proud of myself....and now it has been about three years since I have been again. Oops. Need to take care of that! I always tell Chris that kids are for real sour patch kids! One second you crushed their whole world because you said no to them doing something that could have hurt them and they are slapping you and throwing themselves around on the floor. And then two minutes later they are crawling in your lap and blowing you kisses and just wanting cuddles.

      2. Getting myself to the dentist IS a big deal.

        We are working out of debt too. We made a few mistakes in the last four years and we're paying for it now.

      3. Unfriending/unfollowing is so great. It's like cutting lose strings. So satisfying.

        I have issues getting to the eye doctor. It's not that I'm afraid, I just don't feel like I NEED to go, so I don't. I also feel the same way about the gyno. Except that I usually make and go to those appts.