Things I Am Good At

We've talked about what I'm not good at, now let's celebrate what I am good at! 
Things I Am Good At
  • Organizing: It may not always seem like it, because my house and car can sometimes be a mess. But I'm actually the best at organizing. Whether it's records at work, or baby clothes, or random trinkets around the house, I am great at giving things a specific home. Not always great about putting them back there on a daily basis, but I can organize the shit out of anything for about a week.
  • Packing: I credit all the flat rate boxes during B's deployment and all the moving trucks over the years. I am so good at any type of physical Tetris- try me, bro. 
  • Reading people: My dad called this discernment when I was a kid. Whatever you call it, I have a feeling about people. I honestly don't think too much about it, it is so internal that it's just normal to me, but it gets remarked upon by other people every now and then. This doesn't mean I don't make mistakes or always get it right...but a high majority of the time I have an icky feeling about someone, it's proven right. 
  • Orienting myself: My husband, whose literal job in the Army depended on reading maps and dealt with coordinates, etc...cannot figure out a city. Blocks just screw him up. He claims to be great in the woods and when reading...whatever the special kind of maps the Army has. Either way, when it comes keeping things straight in a new place, I'm your girl. 
  • Making the decisions: When hubs was in the Army & we lived in Colorado, we went out with our friends basically every weekend. For a while it was really complicated because no one ever wanted to decide. I do NOT like this in a group setting- so I have officially become the person who says "Okay, this is what we're doing." I'm not a dictator, if people don't like it or actually have suggestions I welcome it- in fact, I don't always like making the decision but I am good at it. There's just no point in wasting an hour being overly polite and refusing to have an opinion. 
  • Not wallowing: In the grand scheme of things, I am pretty good at taking things as they come. I may have a bad day, or even a bad week, but overall I am good at acknowledging how blessed/privileged I am.  Again, it's not about being complacent but it is about being grateful and moving forward instead of crying about where you are.

What are you good at?


  1. I am also the decision maker/place recommender and it's a love/hate relationship. Often because when I let other people choose, I'm often disappointed at their poor choices, but I hate the responsibility of always being the one to choose. I hate the wishy-washiness of a group situation and will often just tell people this is what we're doing so we don't have to hem and haw over who makes the decision. Get shit done people!

    My tetris skillz are also on point and I attribute it to being good at packing and organizing as well. I actually considering packing to be one of my major life skills.

  2. I am good at packing and organizing, but I don't like making decisions haha. I take a lot of time and research and weigh pros and cons then second guess myself and goodness I am a mess.

  3. These are amazing skills! Maybe I admire them because I'm awful at making choices, figuring out where I am, etc. lol

  4. I have about a 95% accuracy on reading people and situations. I call it knowing it in my bones. I used to never talk about it, but now I do discuss it with my aunt who gets it.

    I am not not not good at packing cars. My brother and Dad are masterful like you. LOL

    I have no problem making plans and decisions unless it is the choice of restaurant. Unless I have a specific place in mind and have built a night around it, I hate picking the restaurant.