Things I Am Not Good At

Totally taking this idea from Nadine (Life by Nadine Lynn). But it's good to do a little self-reflection every now & then, isn't it? I certainly think so.

Things I Am Not Good At
  • Doing my hair. This was on Nadine's list and I had to comment with a big SAME! I just...can't. It's not my thing. 
  • Keeping a poker face. I have RBF in general, and when I hear something a little weird my face looks, well, like I think you're a little weird. My brain will chill and learn to deal, but my initial reaction often comes off super judgemental. 
  • Letting things go. I am really trying to get better about this, because it makes my life so much harder. I definitely can tend to hold grudges and have bitter conversations in my head that realistically haven't happened and probably won't. I'm not saying ignore people who are offensive, but personally I can let little comments turn spiral and affect my mental outlook in ways that are just not healthy OR realistic. 
  • Anything involving coordination. I'm great at air hockey and Foosball, but that's the extent of my athletic skill. Seriously guys...I am so bad at sports. 
  • Sending birthday cards/presents on time. Ugh...I forgot to acknowledge my dad's birthday at all one year. FML. 
  • Anything under pressure. You know in middle school when the teacher walks around the room & randomly stops at a desk? I freeze. I hated driving with a permit because I didn't like my parents being there (this came back up when I had a baby and they wanted to give loving "advice"). I don't even like to clean my house if someone else is in it. Basically anything where someone could look at me and judge me is the worst (to be fair, I have been told by multiple people that sweep "wrong"- how the fuck is there a correct way to sweep as long as the dirt comes off the floor?!?!?). 
  • Changing plans. I used to desire spontaneity, but I never got it. And now I need at least 3 days notice to do anything. Seriously. Do not talk to me less than 3 days out. I will not ditch even my couch without 3 days notice.

I am not good at these things...and that's okay.


  1. I am not one for changing plans either. I usually am go with the flow, but deep down I am a planner at heart and change gives me anxiety. And letting things go can be hard for me too!

  2. I think the only reason I like running and swimming are because they are individual sports and I can go as fast/slow as I want.

    I'm really bad at accepting people cancelling plans. Mostly because I get myself mentally prepared for whatever the event is and if it doesn't happen I either get pissed because I took the time out of my life to plan around something I didn't want to do or disappointed because it was something I really wanted. It's hard to be me.

    I think I over-let things go. I might just chalk that up to being oblivious. But at the same time, if someone says something that does get to me, my RBF instantly reacts. No poker face here. Siiigh.

  3. I'm not good at most of those things either. Especially hair, poker face, and coordination.

    I'm pretty good about letting things go and I am much better about spontaneity than I used to be.

  4. I don't have a poker face either! I CANNOT for the life of me hide what I'm feeling.