I Never Have It All

Some days, I am a hot mess- in all aspects.

Some days, my hair needs washing and dry shampoo just can't hide that fact.

Some days, I am the only mom who doesn't make Valentine's Day goodie bags for my kids daycare class (I took cookies for the party- didn't know goodies bags for ONE YEAR OLDS were a thing).

Some days, I forget to eat breakfast and get very frustrated with myself for that ignoring a basic human need. 

Some days, my kid seems to do nothing but tantrum and I loose my cool and tantrum back.

Some days, I am just a little too late to work for no reason at all. 


Some days, I wear lipstick and heels and love how I look.

Some days, I survive the tantrum and have the patience to help my kid learn how to do chores and she doesn't ask for the TV once.

Some days, the barista at Starbucks makes my drink perfectly.

Some days, the temperature gets to 70 and reminds me that summer is coming and things just feel a bit lighter.

Some days, I manage to get a 99 on a quiz that I completed at work so I didn't have to sacrifice family time.

No one ever really has it all- at least not on the same day. But some days...I get really, really good stuff. 


  1. That's how you have to look at it! Otherwise we'd be miserable. Not every day will be good from top to bottom.

  2. I always expect the worst so that I'm pleasantly surprised when things work out in my advantage.