Three Things: Nerdy Things

1. I am a proud Ravenclaw. I appreciate that they aren't just the smart house, but also the quirky house.

2. My favorite era of Dr. Who is 11+Ponds (all the Ponds).

3. Nerdy characters I have often been compared to include: Rory Gilmore & Hermione Granger (love of learning), Monica Geller (control-freak & organizer), Temperance Bones (very literal and rely on statistics and facts when I get emotional).


  1. I think when I took the quizzes I was a Hufflepuff. :)

  2. I was sorted into House Slytherin. At first I was sad about it, but now I own that shit.

    My nerd things:
    -Sometimes, I say "Accio ____" when I don't want to get up and get something.
    -Nauruto in Japanese is better than in English.
    -I still have "cravings" to play World of Warcraft.
    -I could never get into Dr. Who.
    -I've only ever seen random episodes of Gilmore Girls and Friends and never seen Bones.