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Don't get me wrong, I have friends. I have a church group that I see every week (when we're not all sick since most of us now have tiny humans now that bring home ALL THE GERMS), I have online friends, I have friends who are wives of my husband's friends that I like.

But I don't feel like I have a best friend. I don't have an Ann Perkins, or an Amy Farah Fowler.

I don't have an unconditional bestie, but it sounds awesome. Here's my BFF profile, if you're interested! Because I am definitely on the market (in that respect).

Name: Brittany
Age: Late 20s
Height/Build/Appearance: Shortie, Average size, Lots of brown (hair & eyes)
Marital Status: Happily Married
Children: 1 Daughter
Religion: Christian
Political Leaning: Liberal, but dear God what the world needs is moderation
Likes: Lots & lots of books, Netflix, whiskey, spending time outside, visiting new places
Dislikes: The sound of people eating, refusal to respect ideas/opinions outside of your own, scary movies
Hobbies: Reading, working out, crafty things
Five words to describe myself: take charge, introspective, interested, reliable
How other people would describe me: dependable, helpful, caring
What I am looking for in a BFF: Someone who is always up for talking about random things- books, movies, TV, current events. Someone who does not expect perfection, but does challenge me to make sure I am living according to my values. Someone who does not expect me to sugar-coat my opinions just because they do not agree with them. Someone who likes to get out of the house & do things. Someone who respects my faith and does not feel that booze or swearing is at odds with it. Someone who respects my child and dogs and marriage- those are important things and I WILL talk about them, but not only them.
On our first friend date: We could hit a local coffee shop or brewery and maybe go on a walk around the park. I really like to walk, FYI...

What would your BFF profile say?

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  1. It is so hard to make friends as an adult!!! I have one close friend who I found through blogging that lives here locally. I am so thankful for her!!! And I have a few ex-coworkers that I have lunch with a few times a month. And that is it. I need more mom friends in my "tribe" and I just cant seem to make any. I wish we lived closer! I am a Christian, book reading, netflix watching individual who love to go on walks, respects others opinions and puts things bluntly :) I have scary movies and my husband is the WORST about being annoyed by crunchy foods so I try to stay away from them. No need to worry about my chewing over here :) Haha.