Current Thoughts: April 2018

  • Got my wisdom teeth out, and it wasn't terrible! I wasn't put under, because I didn't want to spend 250$. But I did get the laughing gas...probably didn't even need it, because the real champion is the numbing agents. 

  • I bought myself jeans for the first time since Babycakes was born! I've bought/been gifted leggings, but no jeans. Somehow my jeans and shoes have started to not fit, either they are too big OR too small but nothing fits right (just call me Goldilocks). Anyway, holy cow I forgot how amazing a new, properly fitting pair of jeans can make you feel. Also bought some new shoes and dresses because I need clothes.
    • Does anyone else just binge on clothes? I feel like I NEVER shop for clothes, until I absolutely have driven myself crazy with being unhappy with the state of my closet then I get multiple things at once, and am done for a year or so. 
  • Hubby is finally starting his new job this month! PRAISE JESUS!!! Between my wisdom teeth recovery, the Easter holiday, the resulting visits from the parentals, and his wonky schedule with leaving the old job and training for the new job...I have no clue what day it is or what is going on. I've apologized to my supervisor for this, I have let my kid watch way too much TV...but I am just totally off my routine. We'll get back there, but I'm not worrying about it right now. Too much is going on. 

  • I finally started watching Downton Abbey, which is fantastic. Just got to the part where the war started...I get help but noticed how it affects every aspect of life. It's a stark contrast to the extreme distance most Americans have between the war(s) we are/have been in. While I am not a fan of war by any means, I can't help but wonder how our (American) perspectives would change if it was our backyard that was the was the battlefield. 
    • Also, I always forget that all war stories forever and always will make me cry and pull on the heartstrings.
  •  My final exam is this month, which seems crazy fast but I'm SO excited for a break in school. I take one class a semester- because that's what my employer pays for ;) Can't imagine doing more.

What's up with you lately?


    1. I am in desperate need of some new clothes as well. I need a good pair of jeans, some work tops and some dresses that are nice enough to wear to work...but not too fancy. And more than just tshirt material striped things that fill my closet currently haha.

    2. I am not good off my routine. At all.

      I hate jeans but I'm happy you have a new great pair!

    3. When I find a pair of jeans that fit as perfectly as they can, I buy no less than 3 pairs, sometimes in the same color and horde them for forever. Just in case. For some reason, 2018 has been SHIRT YEAR. Seriously, I've purchased/attained (via races or freebies) soooo many shirts. It's concerning a little bit. I had to purge my old stuff as a self-inflected celebration/punishment for too many shirts. Because as much as I like to think otherwise, there is a thing as too many shirts.

      Luuurrrvveee Downton. I'm here for any discussions/rants you need to have. Also, Violet is totally my favorite character ever. I wish she was my RL relative.

      Finally, school. 4 more days of class then exams. Mostly, I'm just ready not to have to deal with fucktards who ask the same question someone else (ME) just asked and the instructor already answered, deal with Charleston traffic, and instructors who glare at me when I look at my cell phone BECAUSE I AM AN ADULT AND I HAVE A REAL LIFE. Bye, Felicia.

    4. i rarely shop for clothes because i'm cheap! i still wear stuff from high school and college (eeep!) that's how cheap i am LOL