The Kind of Person I'm Trying to Be

photo by Easton Oliver on Unsplash


I'm trying to be the kind of person...

-who doesn't avoid something just because it's difficult

-who accepts help

-who forces people to remember that rock bottom is something to be avoided, not something to reach before admitting there is a problem

-who stays organized

-who prays for peace and serenity to accept the things she cannot change

-who has courage to the things the change she can

-who DGAF that she just quoted the cheesy Serenity Prayer because at this point in my life, if something helps you do what you gotta do and doesn't cause anyone else problems, fucking do it proudly

-who remembers the above statement when people do things I don't understand

 -who works out consistently, and says "Bless Your Heart" to past me who thought people only worked out for vanity...when in reality the benefits are incredibly broad and slightly different for everyone

-who lets herself be pleasantly surprised (very hard for a control freak)

-who remembers that all things, both good and bad, are only of a is constantly changing, and we do better riding the waves than fighting them


  1. Recently, my goal has been to hold back my judgement. Meaning to control my thoughts while I examine a situation from all sides before opening my mouth and letting short-minded things seep out... kinda like the "Bless your heart" to vanity workouts, lol. I've caught myself being pretty judgey lately, so this is a REAL effort right now.