Favorite Everyday Things

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Over the past few years, I have tried to be more thoughtful with my purchases. This doesn't always happen, but I have definitely made improvements and cut down on the "oh why did I ever pay money for that" regret.

Here are few things I really love and use, some daily and some weekly and some that are just good to have when I need them.

Bullet Journal
I've raved about bullet journaling in general for the past year. It can be done in any notebook, that's part of the beauty of the system, but I did "spring" for the official Bullet Journal notebook. There's tons of reviews, so I won't go into too much detail, but I like that the paper is ivory versus white (easier on my eyes) and it is already numbered which is the best because it saves me time. Also like the pocket and fact that it is so easy to customize. I've talked a lot about anxiety lately, and using the bullet journal system to organize what I can has literally become a foundation for my sanity. That sounds dramatic, but sometimes you cling to whatever is helping you float. Bullet journaling has been helping me float.

Truth be told, I've had some trouble with Rainbows lately. Mainly because I can't find the ones I want in town! I bought these Double Layer Classic Leather with Arch Support 11 years ago as a freshman in college. It's finally time to buy a new pair- and honestly, that's probably only because I waded into a river in Colorado with them for like an hour about 5 years ago. They are pricey for sandals, in my (poor-to-barely-middle-class) opinion, but considering they lasted over a decade it works out to about 6$ a year. And trust me, I've worn the hell out of them. My MIL gave me money to get new ones for my birthday...but I could not find the double layer in town, and I want that extra support. So I ordered online...in the wrong size. Just returned and can't wait to get the exchanged correct size. These are practically mandatory in ENC, and it's for a reason.

Coconut oil
Okay, okay, I try not to be too hippie-dippy.  But this is seriously the best thing for my skin. I use it after showers all over instead of lotion, but the best thing is how it has been working as a face wash/moisturizer lately. My face has been breaking out like crazy lately and it suuuucks. But I started using my scrubby facial pad and coconut oil (run hot water over the pad, dip in coconut oil, scrub face, wipe off with towel) and my inflammation has went waaaaay down and zits began receding. It would probably be too heavy if I just used my fingers to rub in, but the water+scrubby combo is doing great.

Bathroom Shelves
We bought our house five years ago. Pretty much ever since then, I've been trying to figure out how to organize my bathroom counter. It's been a hot mess, and hubby hates how much room I take up but hello, you have literally nothing to do to your face because you're a cis-hetero-dude and I have a lot because I'm a cis-hetero-chick and that comes with PRODUCTS (and truly, I'm minimal compared to a LOT of females). Anyway, fast track to a few weeks ago when I finally broke down and ordered these shelves. Per the reviews, I purchased separate wall anchors but managed to install them myself. They're working wonderfully! So glad I finally did it (seriously, 20$ including the extra anchors and maybe 40 minutes of time).

Personal tool kit
Probably around the same time we bought our house, I bought my own tool kit. Hubby has tools, but he reorganizes them at a rate that annoys me and I can never find anything and he doesn't like when I reorganize them so it was simpler to buy my own simple toolkit. I bought this one, not because I particularly care for pink but I wanted to clearly differentiate between my tools and Hubby's tools. The color does that, and it's more than adequate for basic home maintenance plus it was fairly affordable.

What are some random, everyday things you love?

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  1. I won't lie... my Berks were a worthy investment. I've never been a Rainbows wearer, and I loved my Oofos flip flops, but I'm old and I love me some arch support. My Berks provide that and they are comfortable, even though I never thought they would be, but that is after several years of accidentally stepping on Teh German's Berks he wears as house shoes which really fucking hurts.

    I hate stuff on the bathroom and was always knocking other bottles over and I finally was like NO MORE! and bought wall cabinets. They aren't my favorite thing, because they made the vanity area feel much smaller, but they did get most of the shit off my counter which was the most important thing to me.

    Finally, I asked for one of those all in one tools kits for Christmas one year and I still use that sucker. The one that I ended up with was pink, not really my jam, but I needed the tools, so I just accepted the comments from people and went about my handy-lady business.