My Teenage Rebellion

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I wanted to write about something other than my anxiety, so I did what any good blogger does and google'd "blog post ideas." Most of these lists are super predictable but I came across this one from fat mum slim that suggested the following:

That one time you told a huge lie and kinda got away with it {or perhaps you didn’t and that would make an even better blog post!}

For some reason, after writing, I felt like I had already blogged about this...but I can't find it in my archives so I'm gonna do it anyway. 

This will probably not come as much of a surprise to anyone who has been hanging around my bloggy-sphere for a while, but I was a bit of a goody-goody in high school. I was a huge nerd, a Junior Marshal (top 22 of my class, which handily meant I was able to participate/help with all the graduation events for the class above me- which now-Hubs was a part of), Beta Club, National Honor Society, and at least 2 other career-field specific organizations.

And the literal one time I did something kind of bad, I got caught.

 My junior year I took Radio & TV, which meant we got to work on student announcements and run the school radio station (no one listened to this station, it just meant playing whatever CDs you wanted for an hour).

So one day my teacher was out and we had a sub. My friend and I were assigned to the radio station and the rest of the class was supposed to work on whatever project we had going on.

This was a pretty chill class. We could leave campus for "projects" and generally try whatever we wanted (within reason).

Well, on this particular day my friend & I decided we wanted food from off-campus. Not a huge deal, since literally everyone else in our class had done this before. But technically since we had a sub we were supposed to stay on campus. We decided to ignore this and go anyway. I can't remember which one of us actually left campus- maybe me- but either way the driver returned before the class period was over and we ate joyfully.

At some point some of our classmates came in. Maybe they saw one of us in the hallway, maybe they were just bored and wanted a change of scenery...either way, they came in and immediately smelled the food. Whether someone specifically tattled on us or they just casually mentioned it around the wrong person, lots of people found out.

By the end of the day, pretty much everyone knew and was asking about it. 

The TA from my English class, other students, etc. It was a topic of conversation for every class I was in. There was lots of "I'm so disappointed in you" from teachers, "I can't believe you did that" from students, and a select group of "I can't wait to see you in trouble."

I highly suspect this last group was to blame for how big of a deal this turned into. See, remember that Junior Marshall thing I mentioned up there? Apparently the girl who was 23rd on the list got very excited at the thought of me getting expelled and that honor going on her transcript instead.

There was literally one person in that Radio & TV class who didn't treat me like a piranha...and she was not the one I would have considered a friend until that day (while those I did consider a friend pretended I didn't exist for a day or two).

The person who was the nicest about this?

The teacher whose class I skipped. The next day she called my friend and I outside the hall. She could tell I was a nervous wreck. She calmly explained that she knew about it, it had been reported to the administration- because other students were so adamant, otherwise she would have been satisfied to deal with it herself. She stressed that several other students had done the same exact thing all year and the standard punishment was X days of detention, which is what she was recommending.

We were called into the vice-principal's office later that day and he was a real dick. Mainly because he stressed how much I could have lost because I had so much going on and I shouldn't let my implied-less-worthy friend "drag me down."  He was likely trying to "put the fear of God" into me so I wouldn't screw up again, but I recognized even then that he was writing her off and that felt like bullshit. One, because she was a lovely person and didn't deserve to be written off. Two, because the idea that I should be punished more intensely because this was my first (and only) strike seemed like complete bullshit.

We received the standard punishment as our teacher suggested. We showed up every day that week and worked really hard, to the point where the janitor who monitored detention shaved off some time because we finished the same amount of work as other students in less time (this was under the radar of the administration, and very kind of him).

I didn't tell my parents, because...well, I was a teenager and scared to get in trouble. I just said "Hey I've got to stay after school this week." And because I was involved in so many things they just said "Okay."

Fast forward to something like 3-4 years after I graduated. 

My mom randomly calls me one night asking if I know the girl, and I said yes. Apparently she ran into this girl's mom and it came out that their daughters went to school together. The other mother recognized my name and mentioned something about us getting suspended together, and my mom was of course shocked. So I explained the situation and said no, it wasn't a suspension but just detention and told the whole story. She ended up thinking it was kind of funny especially in comparison to what she had heard.

And that is the story of how I am clearly not meant for breaking rules.

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  1. You got a shit deal from everyone. They acted like you banged down a bunch of heroin in front of kindergartners.