Things I Dislike that Other People Love

 Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Today especially there seem to be all these flags about things people love...that I really just can't stand. After about the 3rd one in a few hours I thought "Hmmm...this feels like a blog post."

So here is a list of some things that other people seem to really love that I can't stand.

Conversation mode in an email inbox
This has been driving me fucking BANANAS for a few weeks now, especially since getting Thing 1 & 2 for foster care.  There are so many emails and sometimes I try to just CC everyone (the school counselors, the many different social workers, etc), but they only reply to me. Or they send it to me but then I have to remember to pass on to Hubs because no one emails him. Anyway, the stupid "conversation" mode makes it too hard for me to tell who has seen what and what I need to forward, blah blah blah. I want an old school, one message at a time inbox. I FINALLY figured out how to do this and I swear, I immediately felt my self calming down when I looked at my newly organized inbox.

 Pumpkin spice lattes
 To be fair, I love pumpkin spice in a LOT of things. But it just does not go with coffee for me. I'm all about that salted caramel life.

This one is kind of a cheat, but it's something I just really figured out. I've been slowly cutting down on sweets over the past year or so- definitely not cutting them out, but much smaller portions. I wasn't sure if it was just an age thing or what, but I figured out around Valentine's Day or Easter (some holiday with a TON of candy in the house) that when I eat a lot of sugar my face breaks the fuck out. Like, pimples EVERYWHERE. And it's annoying and also fucking painful. People talk about zits/acne/"bad skin" like it's just involving looks, but my face gets physically uncomfortable. I literally can't even enjoy it anymore because I know what I'm doing to my body...I'm so old.

They are overrated. I mean, I guess they look celebratory but they are messy and just do not taste good.

 Dramatic TV & Movies
I'm just over it guys. I want an old-school, cheesy standard comedy shows. Something happy and funny and only slightly irreverent.  The real world is tough enough for me, I don't need that crap voluntarily now too.

 What do you think is just...overrated?


  1. I'm torn between conversation/single mode. Part of me loves the Gmail way, but part of me really doesn't because, like you said, things get lost. That said, I did get rid of ALL of their labels the day they came out with those stupid things. NO. You don't know my life.

    I skip the fall flavors entirely. I'm all about that peppermint.. Year round, plskthx. I don't really love pumpkin spice or caramel. I save it for all those that do. But also, I'm not a hater on those that love PSL. You do you.

    I've never liked sprinkles. Why do they taste so bad to be so pretty?

    Dramatic tv depresses me. It's why I think I loved The Ranch so much. It was funny, yet still as real as TV can get, and it felt authentic enough for the most part. I think this could also be why I don't watch much TV programming in general. Now if only I could quit social media I'd never have another reason to be depressed ever! LOL.

  2. About a million things.

    Sprinkles are jimmies here. I used to eat them but don't anymore. They're balls of wax.

    Knee high boots, jeans, aviators, Harry Potter, romance, heels are much loved but not by me.

  3. Nothing too serious but The Bachelor and Colleen Hoover books were the first two things that came to mind. Not a fan of PSLs either and I can only wish I didn't like candy.