Boho Berry Challenge October 2018: Planning [Day 14]

One of the cool things about bullet journaling is you really only need a notebook and a pen. It can be as basic you want it to be.

But here are the supplies I use.

Notebook:  Leuchtturm 1917.
Currently I have the official Bullet Journal edition in the Emerald. I'm coming close to the end of mine though, so I already have a standard black standard black LT1917 ready and waiting. Both of these are an A5 size...which is a weird term until you hear it but is a common size for notebooks. It's maybe 2 inches longer than my hand- smaller than a notebook used in school but not pocket sized. There are about a million reviews for it online- Pinterest & YouTube again- if you want more info.

Pens: I keep a plain black pen in my pen loop at all times. Currently I'm using Staedtler Triplus Fineliner. I've also used black Sharpie Pens and a black Uniball Roller Grip Pen (which I love, but smears a bit and is bigger so can stretch out a pen loop, so you kind of have to commit to that one long-term if you use it because the skinnier Staedtler & Sharpie pens will fall out of the pen loop afterwards).

I tend to prefer felt pens, like the Staedtler & Sharpies. I found these Maped Graph'Peps Classic 0.4 mm a few months ago, which no one else talks about but I really like so far. Wore the black one out pretty quick but the colors are great for special layouts or adding a little pop to my basic monthly and weekly layouts.

Cover: There are super expensive covers you can purchase, like 100$+. I have this one from Michael's, it's actually from the Bible Journaling section but fits my LT1917 relatively well. I wish it was a few centimeters longer, because it pushes my pen out just a bit- it fits, I've had it for 6+ months, but I do worry that eventually the pen loop will rip. But it has extra slots I can keep my little ruler in, and provides an extra pocket to tuck papers into if needed. The colors are fading, but was 5$ and gets thrown around in purses/bookbags/diaper bags constantly. The material itself is holding up well, so I'm satisfied overall.

Small ruler: I purchased a 6 inch ruler from a local school supply store for $0.50. It fits inside the pocket of my journal cover. I would like to find my full length ruler, for when I am making lines that cover the entire length of the page (which is around 8 inches I think?). But I keep forgetting to look, because I should have one at home.

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