Boho Berry Challenge October 2018: Planning [Day 17]

I've been thinking about this prompt in 2 different ways- experimenting with layouts/etc within my bullet journal, and how bullet journaling kind of equals experimenting with my life.

There are so many ways to bullet journal. There are all different styles of monthly and weekly layouts; there are habit trackers and savings plans and weather trackers and book collections and probably a lot more I haven't even seen.

I thought at first that I just had to find the right weekly layout and then I would stick with it for...ever, really.

But nope. 

Some days I don't have time to draw a busier layout...some weeks I don't have much going on and don't need as much space...I play around. It took some time, and some acceptance when I make choices that don't work as well as I'd like, but it's taught me to be okay with experimenting.

It's also had me try different things in life. 

I've used it to meal plan, which keeps my family fed with less stress. I've used it to develop a cleaning schedule, which we don't always stick to but it gives us a rhythm to fall back into. I keep track of date night possibilities in it, so on the rare occasions Hubby & I have a date night we don't waste time doing the "Well what do you want to do?" routine.

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