Boho Berry Challenge October 2018: Planning [Day 19]

I make so many mistakes while bullet journaling, you guys! 

I definitely don't bother taking pictures every time, but here is one. I was trying a new layout and made so many mistakes I just gave up. The boxes weren't evenly sized, and there was one more than I needed, and I wrote the days in the wrong boxes. 

I do it all the time on monthly layouts, where I automatically start on Sunday instead of whatever is the first day of the month. 

This was a big part of learning to bullet journal for me- becoming okay with mistakes. Both with mistakes in a layout, and with a layout that just doesn't work for me. Like I said yesterday, I found bullet journaling when my daughter was a newborn. I was already feeling like I was failing at most things, and trying something new and failing was tough.

But it also forced me to realize that good enough is...good enough.

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