Morning Devotions

 original photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

 I've never been a morning person. It comes honest- my mom was legit the worst person in the morning. We are big on our sleep and take a while to become functional.

I thought for most of my life (until about 4 months ago) that because I wasn't a morning person, I needed to sleep as late as possible in the mornings and get ready as quickly as possible before rushing out the door. That's what makes sense, right?

But I am slowly learning that...that's not what works best for me.

My favorite times are Saturdays. I can get up early and don't get dressed until at least 9:00-10:00. I can take an hour to drink my coffee. I can give my body and mind the time it needs to prepare for the day.

Recently, I've started doing this on the weekdays too. I've started getting up an hour earlier...and it's been magic.

The catalyst for this change was my church. The church has been portable for years- meaning, we didn't have a specific building just for church. Over the years there were something like 4-5 different meeting places as the church grew. So this was a big deal. And in the weeks before our first official service in this building, church leadership challenged us to fast alongside them.

Fasting traditionally refers to abstaining from food and/or drink, for the purpose of growing closer to God. This has historically happened across many religions, feel free to google.

However my church also suggested things like "fasting" from social media or from the snooze button. I had been kicking around the idea of following a more scheduled bedtime/morning routine so this seemed like a good reason to go for it.

Because fasting, at least within Christianity, is supposed to be done for a purpose and to draw closer to the Lord, I decided to use this "extra" time in the morning to read my Bible.  My church also had a devotional prepared for this time period, which was great.

I didn't gain time exactly, by this practice. I was still eating breakfast and getting dressed and getting Babycakes ready at the same times.

But I gained clarity. The extra time made all those mundane morning preparations go faster and smoother.

I gained peace. Taking time to center myself and focus on Christ has been wonderful and hopeful and peaceful.

I gained spiritual growth. I'm still great at talking about my faith naturally (TBF, I'm not great at talking in general). This is hard to explain and probably where non-religious folks will get wary. But I feel...more focused. More in touch and more likely to remember I am surrounded by the Holy Spirit.

Not saying I am magically calm and peaceful and serene constantly with the light of Christ just shining out. But...I'm closer than I was before.

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