Finding Little Bits of Happiness

 Photo by Ethan Kent on Unsplash

This title sound cheesy AF, and I fully get that.

When I was a dealing with my anxiety, I thought it was just anxiety. But you hear "anxiety and depression" a lot, and I'm starting to think I was actually depressed.

I have a decent walk into my office each morning. It's roughly 5-10 minutes, and on the walk my coffee gets cold. For months I would just deal with it but it was kind of sucky...not the actually happy coffee time that I like.

But recently, I started reheating my coffee with the microwave that's maybe 7 feet from my desk. Guys, it's ridiculous how happy I get over this hot coffee. And it's such a simple fix. I didn't have to buy a new coffee maker or new coffee cups or anything extreme...I just put it in the damn microwave for 30 minutes seconds.

Another super simple thing that has improved the quality of my life- like putting books on hold at the library. There are lots of books I want to read, but I don't have a ton of time. So the easiest thing for me to do is go online, request a book I want, and go pick it up when it is ready and waiting (versus just browsing, which is fun but not the best use of my time right now). My library holds things for about a week so that is amazing. Plus it means I eventually read the super popular books that everyone else wants...better to get on the wait-list as #15 than forget about a book and never read it.

Are these ridiculously simple changes? Yes.

But they have helped, and for months I didn't realize how much those little bits would help.

You hear about self-care, but sometimes you don't know what that looks like- at least, I didn't always know what it looked like for me.

It may not be a facial, or a massage, or a shopping spree, or a bubble bath, or those fun but kind of superficial things that have become somewhat cliche*. It may be heating up old coffee for 35 seconds. It may be spraying wrinkle release spray on your clothes instead of ironing.

*I mean, I love those things, but they aren't always the best things I can do for myself.

So, if life is hard, and you are tired, and it feels like the gray darkness is surrounding you...don't wait on a spotlight to suddenly shine on you. Find little cracks and slivers of light, and move towards them.


  1. I know you mean 30 seconds, but the minutes had me giggling because I'm trying to determine if you'd have coffee left after boiling it for 30 mins. I'm easily amused.

    So I have this thing in the car where I don't adjust the temperature settings because "I'm almost there" (even if I'm not)... and it's SOOO stupid that I sit there miserable for however long it takes.. Well, within the last year, I've started adjusting the temp to be more comfortable if I'm hot or cold. It's like THAT'S THE PURPOSE OF THAT DIAL, for your comfort, BE COMFORTABLE and NOT miserable.

    Why am I the way that I am?

  2. I love this! Those seemingly small things make such a big difference sometimes. For me lately, it's curling up with my heated blanket after work. When I've had a long and frustrating day, it's nice to come home and be cozy.

  3. For me it is often the stupidest little things that cost nothing that increase my happiness exponentially.