Current Thoughts: February 2019

 I mentioned that I ended up signing up for a class this semester, even though I hadn't planned on it. There was one driving factor to this- a supervisor position became open in my department. I literally love my supervisor, she is sooooo amazing both personally and professionally. My salary isn't the greatest, but part of the reason I hardly ever really consider looking for a higher-paying position is because the atmosphere of my job is amazing. So I'm completely heartbroken that she is leaving. But...I would ultimately like to (following her trajectory) eventually work up to higher levels in this department precisely because it's so wonderful. Unfortunately...I think her job requires an MBA, which I don't have. But I signed up for a class this semester and applied anyway. There are all these articles on the internet about how you should apply if you meet 60% of the requirements...which I do. I've done a lot of the things she has...but on a much smaller scale. Anyway. I am hoping that having a degree in progress may get my foot in the door. Not really counting on it, but took a shot. Plus, it was a reminder to just get this degree over with so I can take advantage of further opportunities when they do come up in the future. I'm not super hopeful, but I am happy to have gotten a kick in the butt. Also, updating my resume was surprisingly confidence boosting. Highly recommend.

As mentioned in my February Self-Care post, I've been doing a lot of stuff around the house. Hubby has jumped on board, because apparently I'm just a runaway train and he has approved of 95% of the changes. So one weekend we cleaned out the garage. I won't say that it happened with no arguing, but it happened with minimal arguing. It took less time than I thought (only about 3 hours) and we got rid of/organized way more than I expected. We ended up with one load for the trash dump and one load for a local goodwill organization. While I would never have done this of my own, it is surprisingly nice to walk into a more organized the garage. And Hubs is happier. Additionally I've also organized Babycake's closet & our "junk" closet. I actually didn't get rid of things during those, I just actually took the time to organize it all in a way that it fits and I can reach often-used items without creating an avalanche.

Hubs & I used the bulk of our tax return to pay down our debt consolidation, and as a result we should completely pay off our debt consolidation loan within the next 4 months. Our initial loan agreement was to pay off by five years...and will have done it in about 2.5 years! Apparently a lot of financial managers don't approve of debt consolidation loans, but it's probably the best financial decision we have ever made as a couple. By putting it all in one place it's been so much easier to track and pay off large chunks at a time (like, tax time or holiday bonuses). That's not all of our debt, but it is the largest chunk of it by far so it's really exciting.

I really appreciated this article, Former NFL Star Martellus Bennett Publishes Book that Encourages Black Boys to Dream Beyond the Stereotypes, because it hits on some things I've been thinking about lately. I don't know how to say this other than to say it- I'm fucking tired of reading books about slavery and segregation. Not because I want to ignore or dismiss that part of history, at all. But I want more stories from Black authors about life today. When I look at some of my favorite books over the past few years, the list includes The Mothers-Bad Feminist-Children of Blood and Bone-Pride. These books were amazing, wonderful, moving stories of people that were obviously Black and outside of that that/place. I don't ever want to ignore the immense ramifications that slavery and segregation have had on America/in the world in general. But I do want growth, and I think focusing on books that step outside of the small box for people of color are an important step in that.

Anyone have podcast recommendations? I need some new ones. 

What's up with you lately?

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  1. For black contemporary authors - Alyssa Cole does historical romance, but also contemporary and both series are SO GOOD! Then in YA there's Angie Thomas who also has a new book out!