Passion is Overrated (Does this Mean I'm Old?)

 Photo by Jose Aragones on Unsplash

I can't get on Pinterest or Facebook lately without some supposedly inspiring graphic quote about passion and fulfillment.

And quite frankly, I'm calling bullshit. 

I'm all for some passion in life. Really, I am.

But being passionate about everything all the time is just chasing burnout.

Be passionate about...what you are actually passionate about. Is it books? Is it movies? Is it your job? Is it your lover? Is it your family? Is it your faith?

If so, great. But it does not have to be all those things. 

Passion does not have to be in all parts of your life, all the time. 

I'm gonna use myself as an example, because this is my blog and I'm the one talking.

I like doing crafty things. I really do. But I have friends who are literal craft masters. Like, they do Pinterest worthy parties for their kids. And that's great for them. They have fun and enjoy it- and, they are stay-at-home-moms. They've built lives that allow them time to fulfill that passion. And sometimes it kind of makes me sad because I don't do nearly as much crafting as I used to.

However, I have a job that allows me to take mile-long walks at lunch or do homework or read. I've already decided what really matters to me, and made those things happen. Why do I make myself feel bad for not having other passions that match people around me?

So I'm going to go against the grain with my unsolicited advice.

Good enough is good enough

Stop chasing passion. 

If it's there, it's there.

Wait a minute. Pause. Look at your life.

 What parts don't make you nervous and stressed? What part leaves you feeling refreshed? It's probably not even the part that you are encouraging...but it likely should be.

Follow your passion, but don't waste your life chasing passion in general.


  1. I actually think the insane pursuit of passion has less to do with age and more to do with...I don't know how to say this nicely so I'll just say it - some level of unhappiness in yourself that makes you seek it externally in ALL things. I hate seeing it everywhere. I am not passionate about everything and I don't want to be.

  2. PREACH. I am passionate about 1 thing.. being authentic.. and it doesn't take that much effort. I do what I wawnt and that's authentic AND passionate, lol. Well, I guess I'm also passionate about running, but I don't consider it a passion, I consider it a hobby that I enjoy that I happen to do frequently because I like participation medals.

    But yeah... what you said.