Self-Care: February 2019 - Home

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I posted a few weeks ago that I wouldn't be doing any goals or resolutions for the new year. If 2019 was going to be about anything for me, it would be about restoration.

One reason I was nervous about this is because I am a person who likes to do things. I'm usually doing 2-3 things at a time. As I write this, I'm also working and watching a Netflix show. For years, I've hand goals and objectives that I felt like I must accomplish. It was always one thing after the other, with not long in between.

So I was nervous about not having a plan, because...what would I do? 

Apparently, right now I am getting my house settled.

So far this year, I've probably already organized more than I did all of last year.

I was constantly being driven crazy by the shoes piling up by the door. Both because they look messy, and because they were hard to vacuum around...a big problem since we have two shed-monsters. We have a coat closet right by the door, and I managed to do a little bit with that by hanging a shoe organizer on the back. But that only works for my smaller shoes, not my boots or my hubby's ginormous shoes (seriously guys, he literally has bigger feet than anyone we know). So I finally broke down and bought a shoe rack, which fits into the closet. TBH I wish I spent a little bit more and got a sturdier one because I did not take into account the weight of hubby's giant hobbit shoes, but it's still a massive improvement. My entryway is much neater and I am more likely to vacuum because I'm not fighting around shoes, and we aren't digging through a pile of shoes at the bottom of the closet anymore.

I also re-arranged my bedroom a bit. I switched the dresser from our guest room/office into our room- it's white and our furniture is cherry, so that's a bit weird...but it is more functional because the one I was trying to use is older and starting to break down. It just makes more sense for the newer one to be used most frequently, since no one is using the other one at the moment.

When we first moved in to the house, around 5 years ago, we set up one of those "command centers" you used to see all over Pinterest. It's actually really helpful, but- Hubby & I each have a little pocket folder that often overflows with paperwork. It's supposed to be where we put mail for each other, like if I check the mail I can throw my stuff away and put his in there for him to go over later. This does not happen. It's kind of become a catch-all place for any paper that we might want to keep. But we don't clean it out so it looks ridiculously messy- but I cleaned mine out! It looks so neat and only things I will need to access in the next 1-3 months are there (now just have to encourage Hubby to go through his...).

Next I cleaned off our kitchen counter. We have this little area that ended up with several little jars holding random bits of...stuff. In theory it was supposed to hold pens & scissors, because for some reason I need those things a lot and that is a central area in our sort of open spaced home that makes sense. But lots of other things built up I threw half of it away, put half of the remaining things where they actually belong, and ended up with one jar left- with only pens and scissors. Clutter free for the WIN!

And perhaps the most important...I bought a centerpiece!! For some reason, this just screams "actual planned, peaceful adult home" to me. Our kitchen table is another place that has a tendency to get junky fast. It's a fairly long rectangle, and we only use one end of it. So the other end gets filled with...junk mail, baby wipes and toys...literally anything we lay down when we first come out of the house. I bought a runner years ago, but it was a pain to clean around and moved too much...I never gave up on the dream, though, haha! I had wanted a centerpiece box for a while but never got around to it. I went to Marshall's and found several trays and succulents. Actually went back and forth to Michael's also, which was within walking distance, like a crazy person. After about an 40 minutes of trying to put something cute together with individual pieces and stay under budget, I reminded myself to keep it simple. I purchased a tray and some pre-styled greenery. Not super unique, but looks great anyway. And it keeps the runner from sliding around. I'm hoping that we've matured a bit and the fact that there is something on our table will make us stop piling crap there.

The kitchen chairs also finally got those little pads on the bottom so a) Babycakes can push her chair out easier and get down herself, and b) they don't make a noise and scratch up our floor. I'm a little worried these will collect hair more (again, shed-monsters) but...I need to vacuum more anyway so I'm working on that.

Oh, and I cleaned off the counter in the main bathroom/Babycake's bathroom. Thankfully, she is doing awesome with potty training so some things can are slowly going away- baby wipes, small training potty, etc. It's nice to have some room back. 

I managed to get hubby to watch Marie Kondo on Netflix and he is willing to at least give it a try in the garage- for some reason this is the area he always worries about. So that will be happening soon.

Other areas I might try to touch up soon include- bathroom closets (still have Babycake's baby bath/etc that she hasn't used in ages), Tupperware and junk closet. These are all things that really won't take long but will make a huge difference.

I'm not putting deadlines or anything on these, but this is where my mind and body are going without encouragement so I'm just running with what feels right for the moment. I could probably analyze it and make some grand conclusion about symbolism, but action is feeling better than thought at the I'm going to just congratulate myself and enjoy the peace these changes are giving me.

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  1. All of this makes me super happy. I'm not really big into the homemaker thing, but there's something about rearranging the room or adding a pretty decoration that can brighten your spirits and make things feel more put together.