Prompted: Is Minimalism Something for You?

I don't practice true minimalism, or maybe extreme minimalism. I don't have a capsule wardrobe or anything like that.

But I am getting much better at letting things go.

Part of this is just practice. Hubby and I moved five times in a six year period. We ended up with a rule that if we had not opened a box since the last move, it automatically got tossed. Trash or donate, either way, we got rid of it. The only exceptions were thing we glanced at and went "OH I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THAT!"

So, that helped.

Plus we inherited some things and it really made us think...what is it that Babycakes would relaly care about later? You can't really know, and there are some things that our family members have saved for us that, um, we just aren't crazy about. So I don't to just hang on to stuff for years just in case.

Sometimes, this has bitten me in the butt. There are some things that we couldn't use at the time so I tossed. Now, I wish I had those things. But when I sit back and really think of it, I still agree that it was better to let it go instead of dragging it around- both physically and mentally.

For the most part, things can be replaced. What matters is the story. And if you toss something you love, or your family member loved? Replace it, and add to that story. "My grandma had one of these platters, it was yellow instead of blue. But I loved making cookies with her and putting them on here to sit out." That's still your story.

Plus, when I simplify what I have in my life, I can actually use those things. I recently reorganized my kitchen and spare/junk closet. Last year for Babycake's birthday, I was so frazzled. And part of that was because I couldn't find items that I thought I had- stuff like party platters or punch bowls. I only use these things 1-2 times a year but I don't want to have to buy new ones each year. Once I cleared out some stuff, there was actually room to put all the party stuff together and I could see and access everything*.

So I'm not a complete minimalist. I hold on to entirely too many gift bags and tissue paper. But...I'm making strides in really being thoughtful about what I have in my home and life. And it's definitely beneficial. Again, it's ridiculous how putting forth so little effort has made such a giant effect on my mental health. Part of it is just practicality, and some of it is this weird since of pride that I got over my intimidation and just did it.

*a big part of Marie Kondo's philosophy involves being able to see what you have, and it's been super helpful for me personally.

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