Busy Weekend!

We had a super busy weekend, and I'm still feeling kind of tired.

But it's a good kind of tired. A happy, my life is so full kind of tired.

Friday was a local festival. I got off work a little early to rush and pick up some last minute things for Babycake's birthday, and Hubs grabbed a pizza on the way home. We ate super fast, a friend stopped by to drop off something...we chatted on the porch for a bitand eyed the weather to decide how long we had until the rain came. After she left, we decided to chance it and rushed over.

Unfortunately, Babycakes was not really big/interested enough for the rides and such...and the one thing she did want, had an empty ticket booth.

We pacified ourselves with ice cream and people watching, then hurried home before the storm hit.

Saturday morning, we did our workout switch. This is where Hubby works out with F3 for an hour, then I work out with FiA for the next hour...switching off care of Babycakes in between. I hadn't planned on going since Babycake's birthday party was that afternoon...but a friend tried to publicly shame me on Facebook, who has been avoiding our invites to work out for months...so I was feeling real petty.

I hopped my happy little ass out of bed and made sure to be there on time...and once she showed up, late, I flat-out told her I was not interested in any of these "My husband is working, I gotta make dinner, etc" day-to-day BS excuses that she gives me.

Which she agreed too...and then later told me why she can't come for a month.

The rest of that morning was basically getting stuff for the party and posting in the Facebook event to just wear bathing suits and rain boots if the rain didn't stop. We had already booked the park and told Babycakes and I did not want to change plans. I was almost ready for a Mud Party but it stopped.

This was probably the first of her parties where I legit loved it. Last year was at our house so I was super paranoid about getting everything cleaned, Hubs was on a new crazy schedule because he had just switched jobs, and we invited way too many people. 

I liked the park so much better, so much easier, and totally worth the rental fee. All the kids played- although my girl wanted her CAKE immediately. Seriously, she thought "birthday=cake."

Overall it was a great day, but we had to hit the bed quick because we had a busy day Sunday too. We went to church, then rushed home to get Babycakes a mini-nap before heading to a friends house early in the afternoon. We helped with a community egg hunt sponsored by our church. It was super fun, and lots of people showed up. Then, we had a smaller egg hunt just for our kids, who did not attend the big one. As most of them were toddlers, it would have been difficult to keep up with them plus actually run the big hunt. They were so excited...but hot damn, little kids can't see brightly colored eggs for crap, haha! We ended up hanging out for a long while, letting the kids run crazy while the adults played Song Pop Party.

We hit the bed EXHAUSTED Sunday night, but it was worth it. The weekend was filled with friends and fun, although my pettiness and snarkiness apparently got a little much in Hub's opinion. I can't tell if it's good or bad that I'm feeling fiesty enough to put my opinion out there...I don't want to be rude, but I'm also glad I'm not internalizing EVERYTHING still.

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  1. I'm tired just reading about your weekend! But it does sound like fun and I do like these types of weekends when it was fun AND it feels like an accomplishment.

    And that Shamer McGee needs to be put in her place. Act like an adult. I don't think you were petty at all (at least from this post). I ALWAYS think I'm being more bitchy than I actually am, but when I feel validated in my bitchiness, someone ALWAYS tells me I'm being bitchy, soooooooo I stopped caring about that. Obviously, that's more difficult because Husband, but still.. sometimes men just don't get that female dynamic. Sadly, the best way I've found to deal with someone who is a snarky bitch is to treat them the same way.