Loving Lately: April 2019

I really miss the Add It To My List link-up, but it seems to be dead. So, I'm going to just share stuff on my own. If anyone is interested on making this a link-up, let me know. Or if you know of a similar link-up that posts on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Stress Should Not Be Our Accepted Resting State by Stephanie

 Made these recipes in the past month and they were all SO yummy!

  • Salmon & Rainbow Veggies 
    • This was my first time cooking asparagus, and I'm not great with fish or Asian food. But even though I was cautious, this was so good. I also had never used raw ginger before and was worried it would be too much, but it totally worked. Served over some buttered white rice (next time I will try to plan ahead & have brown).
  • Greek Chicken Sheet Pan
    • This is definitely a new house favorite. So good. I added grape tomatoes and chickpeas and feta, which really take it from good to amazing...but it definitely was amazing. Served with pita bread and tzatziki because...tzatziki is always a good idea.
  • Salsa Fresca Chicken
    • This was super yummy, but next time I will make my own pico de gallo because what we bought from the store was slightly spicy somehow...too much onion and something else? Served with some store mix cilantro & lime rice...I really need to learn how to make this myself.

    Queer Eye
    OMG this show is so dang on sweet! It's so lovely and kind and gives me hope in a very hard world.
    Doctor Who Series 3
    TBH, I really didn't like Martha when I first watched Dr. Who. I hated that she pined after Ten, I hated that he didn't see it (until it was too late)...but I've grown to love her. I've grown to appreciate that she gave herself the opportunity to do something amazing and push her and learn even though it hurt her to be around him. Now that I know her trajectory, I can see bits of her personal strength that I missed the first few rounds. Very glad I re-watched.


  1. I've been doing recommendations a long time, still do it without the link up! I usually do mine at the end of the month. I like to see what people like.

    ALL of those meals look delicious and pretty health. I will love buttered white rice until I die.

  2. Also meant to say thanks for sharing my link!

  3. Martha is so underrated! But I think I was similar where the first time around watching her season I wasn't a huge fan, then grew to appreciate her more later.