Mary & Martha

In the Bible, there are a few stories of two sisters- Mary and Martha. They were the sisters of Lazarus.

Since there are several stories of these siblings, it seems like they were pretty close to and loved by Jesus.

In Luke 10:38-42, we see a story about Jesus coming to visit. Martha is bustling around, trying to make all the preparations. Not sure exactly what those preparations were, but I can imagine. Cleaning, cooking, making sure everyone has a place to sit, etc. She approaches Jesus and asks Him if He's okay with Mary just sitting there listening to Him, and tells Him to to make Mary help her.

Jesus famously responds that Mary has chosen the better thing- Him.

Later, Mary also makes the right choice by spreading oil on Jesus' feet. She is chastised for not selling it and giving the money to the poor (by Judas, who was really just mad he didn't get the money supposedly). Again, Jesus defends her choice.

And again, Martha was serving those at the house for the dinner.

Mary obviously made good choices, and loved Jesus deeply.

But I don't relate to her...because I am absolutely a Martha.

Martha gets, in my opinion, a bad rap. She has often been portrayed as the frazzled hag, the annoying nag, the one who just doesn't get it.

But I don't see her that way.

I think Martha was serving and loving the best way she knew how.

I think she loved Jesus, and his disciples, and wanted to provide a comfortable and loving environment for them.

I imagine her bustling about and getting blankets and sleeping spaces ready, because she knew their tiring travels and wanted to give them rest.

I imagine her in the kitchen, happily cooking her friends their favorite foods. I imagine her thoughtfully making sure all the drinks are refilled, and praying with thankfulness.

From experience, I can tell one works that hard for no reason. 

The sisters were different, obviously. And maybe in these two examples, Mary made a better choice. But Martha loved Jesus deeply, and trusted Him.

And He loved her, exactly the way she was. 

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