My Someday To-Do List

Does anyone else have a running list of things they should get around to, ya know...someday.

Some of these are a little more time-sensitive...others are basically just deadline-free dreams at this point.

  • Go through Babycake's baby clothes/etc to sale. 
  • Organize our additional room...that is probably going to be a guest room/office since we are currently leaning towards not having any more kids (but the decision isn't official yet sooo). 
  • Figure out what to do with our front flower beds...we agreed on just filling with stones because...well, we're super lazy about landscaping. But Hubby apparently forgot this so we now have to revisit the conversation (not sure if this is a TBI-ish symptom from his time in Iraq or he just naturally has a poor memory- oh, the fun puzzle of a veteran family). 
  • Fix the lattice under our back porch- recently moved to the top of the list because one of our dogs has broken out from under the back porch into the front yard. 
  • Spray paint our hand-me-down patio furniture...that we've had for 5 years already.
  • Paint my childhood small chest and cabinet that my parents passed down to Babycakes- currently stores her dress-up gear fine but looks super dingy...that we've had for three years now.
  • Go through all of our Tupperware. We've cleaned out our glassware, and I re-organized our cutlery drawer...we had lots of 'baby' cutlery that Babycakes doesn't use much anymore, along with I think 3 cork screws/bottle openers. Which is hilarious because...the one bottle opener/cork screw that we actually use isn't even in that drawer. It's over with our booze. 
    • Hey, I actually did this since first drafting this post! And it was a really easy decision...I threw away everything that I couldn't find a matching container/lid for and that cut down that cabinet by about 40% (pathetic, yep, I know).

Does anyone else do this? Have things that you are "going to do" for years on end? Or am I the only procrastinator here?


  1. The only way I combat this is to make a list and cross it off. The ONLY thing it doesn't help with is selecting photos to put in the frames I purchased half my life ago....