11 Random Facts about Me

Photo by Aricka Lewis on Unsplash
1. I get a lovely happy feeling when using a brand new marker or pen...it just flows so smooth and dark and makes me feel like life is manageable. If you ever want to get me a gift, Papermate Flairs (regular, not fine tipped).

2. One of the great ironies in life to me is how quickly people will get angry at a God they supposedly don't believe in.

3. This is ridiculously embarrassing, but a long time ago after hubs came home from R&R during his deployment I had to go to the OBGYN. I don't remember the doctor ever giving me a diagnosis, just saying that it happened after situations like this and giving me antibiotics. Guys...it took me like 10 years to realize it was just a friggin' UTI.

4. I know it's controversial but I fucking love SeaWorld.

5. One thing I really wish I could tell middle-school Brittany is to use all that lonely time to LEARN TO STYLE YOUR HAIR. Your patience and time only decreases as you get older.

6. I recently saw something on Pinterest trashing Man Caves, like “what are you hiding from.” And while I get that, and I think the idea that men need to avoid their families for the sake of being men is dumb, I fully support the idea of EVERYONE having a specific area/time that belongs to them. Not because we should want to run away, but because alone time is a way to stay centered and recharge and shows you value yourself. And that’s hard when you have a family, but it’s necessary.

7. Hubs and I have been considering for a while now whether or not we want to try and have another baby at some point. We definitely had a plan for this before Babycakes...and then we realized we felt differently afterwards. It's been a long and thoughtful road...but I think we have come to a conclusion. We'll share later...but for now I'm just feeling relieved that the two of us have come to a decision we are both comfortable with.

8. I often talk about being white. I'm not referring to being Caucasian, or of Anglo-European descent, etc. although I definitely am. I'm talking about being as pale as Casper. So pale that the Jergen's tanning lotion that is supposed to take something like 7 days to show change shows within 24-48 hours on me. 

9. I like the idea of wine (not sure how it's the classy drinking option when the ABV is 2-3x higher than beer) but I don't actually like most wines. I'm a sweet wine girl, it's muscadine wine for me all the way. Specifically, Duplin's Black River Red

10. Some friends just moved into what is basically my perfect house. This girl is able to style a house to the point that Joanna Gaines herself would give the seal of approval. It's enough to make me feel inadequate, although I'm trying to channel that into inspiration because I think she felt bad when I told her that! So I'm coming up with ideas of stuff to do around my own home to make it a little bit more intentional. Her style is definitely white-bright-farmhouse which isn't exactly my style*, but I love how intentionally styled her home feels (*after pursuing Pinterest I think I would be more warm and rustic, which overlaps but is different IMO). My first project has been warming up my front porch. I also have ideas for the back porch...not sure why I'm starting with the outside areas.

11. One of my greatest day dreams is to road trip across the entire United States.


  1. I'd love to road trip across the US!

    I also believe in everyone having a space to retreat to to recharge or lick their wounds or feel safe.

  2. Duplin's X (10) for the Carolina Hurricanes tenth anniversary was a sweet, chilled, red, based on sweet tea, was my favorite wine ever.

    One of the things I want to do with Husband is do the train tour of America from CA to NY. Train because driving that shit is boring AF.