Bookish Questionnaire [June 2019]

 I saw this questionnaire last week during the Show Us Your Books Link-up by Rebecca at Knit by God's Hand and had to do it!

 What book has been on your shelf the longest?
I'm going to go with the one that's been there the longest without being read, which is probably The Way We Never Were by Stephanie Coontz. I bought it in 2016, when I heard of it, because it felt like a "Duh" response to people who voted in 45 on nostalgia for bygone good ole' days that never actually existed. But for this reason it also is sad and frustrating and annoying to read.

What is your current read, your last read, and the book you’ll read next?
Next read: Probably Bone and Bread by Saleema Nawaz or The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout because those are the ones I'm picking up from the library today.

What Books Did Everyone Like, but You Hated?
I didn't hate them, but I did not enjoy Simon Versus the Homo Sapiens or Girl, Wash Your Face nearly as much as everyone else did.

What book do you keep telling yourself you’ll read, but you probably won’t?
Kids Are Worth It!: Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline. It's been on my list since I heard about it while pregnant, but I haven't been able to get my hands on at when I'm in the mood. Honestly, my kid is relatively, a friend says she will almost wants to send her kid to our house for behavior boot camp. So...I feel like we're doing pretty good. 

What book are you saving for retirement?
Life is way too short to save books!

Last page: read it first or wait ’til the end?
Wait till the end, obviously...what kind of monster do you think I am?!?!

Acknowledgment: waste of paper and ink or interesting aside?
Interesting aside.

Which book character would you switch places with?
So cliche but Hermione, obviously.

Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life (place, time, person)?
People talk a lot of trash about it...but I read the Twilight series during my husband's deployment and it will forever be special to me because it was exactly the type of story I needed at the time.

Name a book that you acquired in an interesting way
I've acquired books in so many ways...I don't even know. Found in old houses. Passed down from relatives. Literally any time a family member came across a book they would just throw it at me...

Have you ever given a book away for a special reason/to a special person?
No...unfortunately, I don't think that many people in my life would appreciate books the way I do! But I have gotten several special books for Babycakes, and given her some of my old ones from childhood. She is receptive so far :)

Which book has been with you to the most places?
My Bible, probably.

Any ‘required reading’ you hated in high school that wasn’t so bad two years later?
I didn't reread most required readings, but the ones I remember enjoying in high school were The Scarlet Letter - Brave New World - The Hobbit - The Chosen - The Poisonwood Bible - The Things They Carried - To Kill a Mockingbird.

Used or brand new?
Either! I take books any way I can get them.

Have you ever read a Dan Brown book?

Have you ever seen a movie you liked more than the book?
Bridget Jone's Diary. I also think Crazy Rich Asians might fall into this category, but I haven't actually seen the movie yet.

Have you ever read a book that’s made you hungry, cookbooks included?

Who is the person whose book advice you’ll always take?
Hmmm I don't think there is anyone. Everyone takes books slightly differently!

Is there a book out of your comfort zone (e.g. outside of your usual reading genre) that you ended up loving?
I never thought I would love The Lunar Chronicles the way I did. For the longest time I thought I did not like sci-fi or fantasy, but this series solidified that I do! Not all the time, not exclusively, but it's no longer enough to immediately put me off of a story thankfully.


  1. I wish The Sociopath Next Door was fiction because it's an awesome title but not when it's real life LOL