What's New: June 2019

Well guys, it finally happened- I had a big blow-out with my MIL. I snapped after some things and we had this huge fight/conversation/disagreement/whatever you want to call it. It ended up fine, I think, and was probably good to clear the air. This was literally Hubby's worst nightmare, but now it's happened and no one died and we are all still talking to each other. Not sure anything will actually change, but I feel better that I was finally able to say some thing and make myself heard.

This Salted Caramel Biscotti is amazing. I'm a sucker for salted caramel, and this is legit salted caramel. Yummy big chunks of sea salt, enough to fully taste but not overwhelming. Highly recommend.

Since getting an IUD, I rarely have a period. However, sometimes I have the symptoms of a period but it's so rare that I forget until I realize I've been stuffing my face full of ALL THE SALTY AND SWEET THINGS and so tired that I slept over an hour later than normal (on a work day). It's much less drastic than previous (seriously, I know some don't like but I love birth control) but it's a noticeable difference from my day-to-day. It's a gift from God not to have to deal with this every month.

Hubs and I started watching Game of Thrones when Season 8 was airing, so we managed to binge it and finish like 2 weeks after the season finale. Controversial, but not nearly as bad as I was thinking from all the whining online.  I actually enjoyed the way most of it played out. Yes, one character was dissapointing after so much awesome for most of the series...but that fall was hinted at for a while so it wasn't a surprise. Unfortunate, but not shocking really.

Alternatively, WHAT THE HELL re: Jane the Virgin S3 finale!?!?  Yes, I  am just getting caught up via Netflix.

I've spent almost a week working on my front porch. I've sprayed painted so much that my finger feels bruised. Tip: regardless of how trendy it is, don't use chalk paint on outside furniture...then you needs more coating and you have to buy expensive and hard to find sealant.

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  1. The 2 tired days of the month are usually my indicator that it's period time.. because I generally have a fat week, skinny/motivated week, normal week, and period week in a month.